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Adult Education Career

Penny Said:

Feeling lost in my career as an adult.?

We Answered:

OK, you have some of the answers for yourself, in your description:

"I continue to compare myself to others and doubt my choices constantly."

You have to understand that you make your choices with the info you have, at the time; not new info in the future, but what you know, then. So make the choice and move on. If you revisit it, don't revisit it to wallow in what-ifs and indulge yourself THAT way; say, "Was this the correct decision in light of what I know NOW?" and, if not, move to rectify it.

By 2nd-guessing yourself, you'll not only continue to erode your confidence, you'll lose your job and friends and everything. You need to give yourself positive feedback, and have positive self-talk; it's your programming of your mind, and at some point, the questions of the future in front of you overwhelmed you and have made you founder.

STOP IT NOW, because you are young and you can do ANYTHING. I've wasted too much of my own life, and I want to save you from that, too.

You need to remember the so-called "Desiderata", which was something which was "discovered" (may have been a forgery) in the 1970s and was supposed to have been written by some medieval monk. I'm sure you can Google it, but there is a part which says not to compare yourself with others, because this will only make you both vain and bitter, because you'll ALWAYS find people worse than you (hence, making you vain) and better than you (thus, making you bitter).

The only person you really need to compete with is yourself. And you are holding back your SELF, just fine, without ANY interference of anyone else.

So please stop it, open up your eyes, etc. You are having a form of paranoia or panic and maybe you need to switch/adjust your meds. But spend more time exercising, get your sleep, have wonderful sex with great orgasms, have good food, and enjoy some time in the Sun, so that you are better. Also find a good church (mainstream, not some cult) and be part of that, and spend some time volunteering/working with a charity. Working for others helps you a lot, and being connected with God and with others who are connect with Him supports you and lifts you up.

Take care and may the Lord bless you, keep you, heal you, and show you your path with clarity.

Erik Said:

what kind of training or education will i need to be a career advisor?

We Answered:

The first is to be able to think. What do YOU think is required for this job? Second, have you gone to the library, or an online search for that job-yourself?

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