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Adult Education Careers

Renee Said:

What is best adult education or community college?

We Answered:

you could take morning classes if your college offers a daycare service to its students (some schools do), is there anyone that can perhaps babysit while you're in class?

what career are you wanting to pursue? that'll help us determine which may be a better path.

edit: hmm, i think going with the community college option would work best for you. you would be able to apply for federal aid and have most of it paid for (and perhaps even get some $ back!) which one of the two would be the cheapest for you? (that's something else to consider)

Jimmy Said:

Adult education, does any1 know about .. ?

We Answered:

then get your SS.

Courtney Said:

What is the point of grade school, since it's college/higher education that helps us with our careers?

We Answered:

"Is it really just a way to give our youth something to do until they are old enough to work."
Partly. The drive to institute requirements for childhood education was helped along by labor's desire to keep out youthful competition.

Of course, today there are few jobs available to those without an education. Your question assumes that college is where people learn the information that is helpful to their careers. Not really-the career benefits of college depend primarily on credentialing and networking. The college that you go to helps establish your credentials for work--the more selective the better. Meanwhile, the academic record you develop in high school plays a critical role in which college accepts you. Therefore, if you are looking for a career-related benefit to grade school, it's simple enough. The better you do in school, the better the college you can attend, and the easier it will be to establish yourself in your chosen career.

However, there is no minimum age requirement for college. If you have the necessary skills to get admitted, you can do so at any age.

Irma Said:

What help can you get if you want to return to adult education?

We Answered:

put down the crack pipe and ring your local college for advice.

Kristina Said:

adult education scholarship?

We Answered:

if you find out let me know!:--)

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