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Adult Education Information

Susan Said:

how an adult can get a high school diploma is San Antonio,tx?

We Answered:

You cannot get a high school diploma unless you completed high school.

You can only get your GED.

Melissa Said:

Adult education question!?

We Answered:

I agree, there are tons of information out there. Just google it and you are all set.

Vicki Said:

Looking for information on national higher education graduation rates. specifically adult students?

We Answered:

In 2001, among those who entered a 2-year degree granting program in the 1995-6 year, 29.9% of those who were 20-23 when entering had obtained a degree, 36.5% of those who were 24-29 when entering had obtained a degree, and 30.6% of those who were 30+ had obtained a degree. Among those entering a 4-year program in 1995-6, 37.7% of those 20-23 had obtained a degree, 34.4% of those 24-29 had obtained a degree, and 26.1% of those 30+ had obtained a degree. These numbers are lower, though not by much than younger students for 2-year colleges, but significantly lower than younger students at 4-year colleges.

Ted Said:

Where can I get information on support and guidance in adult education?

We Answered:

You could also ask at your local school. Although they are children not adults, they have to deal with the same problems. My local school has a SENCO who deals with children with disabilities. There should be one at your local primary or senior school who may be able to give you some more pointers - after all, they must go to outside agencies for help at times!

Of course, you could also try organisations set up to help people with disabilities and other problems

Good luck with your assignment.

Oh, and if you find any of the answers useful, please do not forget to include Yahoo! in your sources!!!! If nothing else, it shows initiative!

Carolyn Said:

Adult Continueing Education?

We Answered:

Will you be returning to the US to study? Or remaining overseas?

I know that a lot of US universities have special programs for Continuing Education. You just need to fill out an application and enroll. Most do not require you to go through the admission process unless you plan on matriculating. Most CE programs are non-matriculating. Just check out the universities near you. Call up the school's mainline and asked to be directed to their continuing education program.

On the other hand, I see what you want to teach, so you may have to complete your HS studies, and get your diploma/GED and apply to colleges for teacher certification. I believe most teachers do need to have their bachelor degrees and maybe some teachers out there can correct me, but even a Masters degree.

Hope this can provide some help. Good Luck!

Ethel Said:

Financial aid/FASFA information as an adult?

We Answered:

If you are an adult you don't have to fill out the parents section. I think that it tells you that somewhere on the FAFSA.

Matthew Said:

adult education... I've been living abroad for years, is it still possible for me to sit some A levels?

We Answered:

You would be better off considering the Open University. Their first year 60 point courses take you to A'level standard and are recognised as such by universities.

Italian comes as two 30 pointers - the first only takes you to GCSE. If you don't need that you can skip to the next one.

The Literature offerings are varied but all teach you how to structure an essay etc.

The OU courses are designed for distance learning. You don't say where you live but you may be able to do the courses and sit the exams where you are. Otherwise, register as a British student and take the exams in the UK.

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