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Adult Vocational Education

Clayton Said:

Can someone please help me with my college application?

We Answered:

It seems like u should put semester hour credit :-) gud luck

Kay Said:

What can you do with a B.S. in Rehab Services?

We Answered:

well, schools are usually good, but u can work at a mental help hospital

Vickie Said:

College App Questions - How Do I Fill Out the Present Enrollment Section?

We Answered:

If the form does not allow either range of months [Jan-May] or semester {spring], just put the last month of the course.

Adult unit ?

Continuing education unit [CEU] - for professional ongoing training. A manager who attends a seminar on human resources, fofr example, would get a certain number of CEUs for attendance. Usually those are set out in the brochure for the seminar, and also identifies which organization has approved the seminar.

Carnegie units ?

Quarter hour credit - some schools operate on the quarter system as opposed to the semester system. If you went to one of those schools, your credits are quarter hour credits.

Units - same as academic "hours" or "credits".

vocational credit - usually number of actual hands-on and lecture times in a vocational field.

Brenda Said:

College application help on type of credits?

We Answered:

It doesn't work the exact way it does in high school

In universities: Freshman/Sophomore - each class with be worth 3CREDITS/Semester

I had to ask my student adviser and if I remember properly she told me to put the closest thing: semester hour... because the application asks you to put what you're taking THIS semester, I think...

Plus, it's not like this is the first time this issue has come up! So I'm sure they already know! was never an issue to me!

If you want to be really sure, just call and ask the colleges!

Good Luck!!! Hope you get in to what you're hoping for!!! :)

Thelma Said:

What can you do with a B.S. in Rehabilitation Services?

We Answered:

Not much, I'm afraid, aside from what you are doing now.
I suggest going for an "emergency credential" and concurrently entering a master's program in special ed or a related field.
You can also call the career development office at the university where you earned your degree; they should know what your options are.
Another possibility is working for your state's department of rehabilitation, or a law firm that specializes in disability issues.

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