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Australian Vocational Education And Training

Billie Said:

Should I let my daughter study Ballet full time?

We Answered:

I think you should trial it, give her a taste of what life would be like if she was to focus solely on ballet, see how she handles it. This is a really tricky stuation to be in :-/
If she does end up doing ballet, and then dropping it in a few years, she can finish school at TAFE and still go to university.

Diane Said:

Should I let my daughter study Ballet full time?

We Answered:

Before you make a decision you need to get an honest assessment from her instructors. Ask them the hard questions - do they really feel that she has the potential to make a career out of dancing? Does she have the talent, physique, drive and dedication?

Of course they can't give you any guarantees but if they do think she has potential then I think you should let her go for it. There are other ways of getting into uni (eg. adult entry) but this is probably her best chance of making it as a dancer and it would be awful if she blamed you for not succeeding.

Let her know that you still expect her to get good grades and it is very important that she has an alternative plan prepared in case something ends her training prematurely (I will never forget the time witnessed a young dancer hit by a car as she was crossing the road. Her leg was horribly dislocated and it was clear that it was going to require surgery and months of rehabilitation. She was due to start with the Australian Ballet in 2 days time)

Good luck with making such a difficult decision.

Emily Said:

Should I let my daughter study Ballet full time?

We Answered:

I think so its such a wonderful opportunity for her ballet will become such a huge part of her life and if she loves it now i think she wi;ll love it for life. Not many people get an opportunity like that i don't think you should let it pass her by.
There are so many study options now she can study what ever she wants when ever she wants at any age. There will always be options for her to further her education even if she want to go to university there are always courses to catch up. She can even study over the internet But ballet is really once in a life time opportunity!

I say let her do it!
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