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California Vocational Schools

Joann Said:

Are there any accredited vocational schools for physician assistants?

We Answered:

There is a difference between a physician's assistant and a medical assistant. A physician's assistant sees patients, makes diagnoses, may write prescriptions, etc. Becoming a physician's assistant usually requires a Bachelor's degree, health care experience, and 26 months in a physician's assistant program.

A medical assistant does things like taking the patients vital signs, asking the patient basic questions (like why he/she is seeing the doctor), weighing the patient, etc. Usually this requires a year at a community college or vocational school. There is no way it would take four years at any school.

Respiratory therapist requires a two-year degree. Certified anesthesia technician is a two-year program.

Don Said:

Can somebody continue receiving unemployment benefits if they sign up for vocational school full time?

We Answered:

Yes, there is a program through the EDD, and it is called the California Trainng Benefits. I have included a link below to its fact sheet.

Paul Said:

Anybody attend vocational school Kaplan College in modesto California, Wondered about pricing?

We Answered:

These schools in California actually will all offer you up free information:… You can contact the school you are interested in and ask them all the free info you want so you can compare all the schools you hare researching. But if you think you will need some sort of scholarship or financial aid:… This would be very helpful. Its got great scholarship opportunities as well as advice on how to get the most financial aid that you can qualify for.

Josephine Said:

Does anyome know of a website for vocational school scholarships?

We Answered:

The Cal Grant is a great option whether you are attending a 2-year, 4-year, or vocational school. You will need to fill out the FAFSA ( ) and send verification of your GPA. Check out for more information. Good luck!

Wanda Said:

Nursing Schools: vocational school vs state college?

We Answered:

You'll look better to an employer if you go to a community college to get an AS or go to a university and get a BSN. Vocational schools are very expensive and do not always provide the best quality of education. The time you put into your education is what makes you become a better nurse.

Also, if you want to "work your way up" that would involve going back to school later...and more often the not, vocational school units do not transfer to state or private colleges so you would have to start from the beginning.

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In California State there are many popular vocational training institutions, those provide quality vocational training. We can do proper research before taking admission in vocational program.

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A physician's assistant sees patients, makes diagnoses, may write prescriptions, etc.

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A medicinal partner does things like taking the patients crucial signs, asking the patient essential inquiries (like why he/she is seeing the specialist), measuring the patient, and so on.

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There is a distinction between a doctor's right hand and a therapeutic aide. A doctor's aide sees patients, makes findings, may compose remedies, and so on.

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