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Career And Education

Diana Said:

Would you consider a career in education if your schooling was paid for?

We Answered:

For sure! I've thought very hard about becoming a teacher but I do lack the money to get through college and I also have a 2 year old and one on the way soon. If I could receive aide in acquiring my education I would be more inclined to. You are right though, teachers will come up short soon and this country needs as many good educators as it can possibly get.

Brent Said:

career education?

We Answered:

Hi. I'm fine, thanks.

As for the rest of your question, I really don't understand what you're asking. Whether it's California or anywhere else in the U.S., the course of education for medical fields is the same. While you should certainly learn organic chemistry, some biology, and some math, there is no magic formula to get into medical school. In fact, whatever you don't have on your transcript you can take in a pre-medical program for people who want to be doctors.

Ronald Said:

What can I do in order to become successful in pursuing a career in education?

We Answered:

You should keep studying and never give your dreams up. If you're not good with Math, just try to focus in things that you really do great, try to improve Math but don't give up couse you have problems with it. You have many options, so just put your Math problem to the side and keep going!

Good luck!

Kimberly Said:

Career Education in Secondary Schools - pros and cons ?

We Answered:

Perhaps they are starting too soon.

Work experience days are good and as they go further up the school, perhaps these could be extended.

If pupils were encouraged to get Saturday jobs, they get more idea of what they want to do.

Joe Said:

I need help naming my business for a career education class?

We Answered:

one bite and your in heaven.

Gregory Said:

How can a course in education impact your impression as you enter a career in education?

We Answered:

I am a sophomore and currently taking two courses related to my major (middle grades edu) So far they have been helpful. One is about diversity in the classroom, which will be helpful because America is a melting pot and there will be kids from all types of cultures and ethnicity's in my class in the future and this is preparing me to deal with them. and the other is about teacher etiquette. Of course that will be helpful for obvious reasons, there are a million things that are inappropriate to do or say around children, somethings that you would not even think. So in conclusion these courses are great.

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Our friends, family, relatives may leave us alone in the time of need. But it is the education which never leaves us alone. Education helps us in every situation. Education makes us independent not be dependant.

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career building is not as simple as everyone thinks. It requires a lot of hardwork and sincerity. You must be committed to your work and never leave it in between.

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If you want to move away from a career in education, think about what areas of work interest you.

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If you are looking for the best Opportunity in Education industry then Teaching in Medical industry will be the they pay very high.And lots of jobs in Saudi and Europe.

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Whether it's California or anyplace else in the U.S., the course of instruction for medicinal fields is the same. While you ought to unquestionably learn natural science, some science, and some math, there is no enchantment equation to get into therapeutic school. said:

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Career building isn't as straightforward as everybody thinks. It needs plenty of hardworking and sincerity. If you want to be committed to your work and ne'er leave it in between