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Construction Trade Schools

Stella Said:

How can i trade some construction work for some helicopter flight lessons?

We Answered:

As a helicotper pilot, i agree, it's very tough, i would recommend searching local cities airports for small helicopter operators. Ya know, a small helo buisness owner, they're the one's you can barter with, but always be wary of who you train with, do some research, never pork out money, always pay as you go. flight for flight, ask any questions. Flying a helicopter is serious stuff, and there are too many people out there cutting corners.


Martin Said:

What do I need to do to work in construction in Quebec?

We Answered:

You need to speak French, and depending on where in quebec you may need to know French and English.
Have a SIN number, if you are not from Canada you will need a green card, so you are eligible to work in Canada.
Then hand in your resume.
Good luck!

Juan Said:

Should I become a construction worker?

We Answered:

but thats hard work man
but it is still up to you

Cassandra Said:

Construction Trade night courses?

We Answered:

in the U. S. we have vocational schools that give some brief and some extensive courses in the construction field. They address the different aspects of construction as foundation and grading, estimation, blueprint reading, roofing, carpentry etc. There are also some community colleges that give a two year courses for a full blown construction diploma that basically cover everything. My guess is that you go to a good search site based in the U.K. (such as Yahoo UK and Ireland) and look for vocational schools within your city). the same can be said about the employment oppsotunities. GL

Ethel Said:

i am looking for trade schools in new mexico that have construction programs?

We Answered:

The Dona Ana Branch Community College in Las Cruces, NM might have something along those lines.

Jesus Said:

What is a good college or trade school for construction management or construction engineering?

We Answered:

I would look at your state college first because if their program is good there's no need to go out-of-state to pay $10-20k more a year for the same degree. Almost all colleges average $45k coming out of school with an exception to MIT, Havard having an average of about $79k out of school. Everyone is so young up on status, when you should just take advantage of the best resources provided in your state. It will benefit you the best financially. Definitely go for a BS degree; most AS degrees do not really pay unless you are in nursing or sometimes computer science.

Katrina Said:

Do we need to focus on developing Trade Schools in Trinidad and Tobago?

We Answered:

We need to develop Trade schools.
the thing is the education and young people wanna go UWI and USC and get degrees in business, IT, CIS, so government concentrating on tht cuz they see tht as a way forward esp. with this 1st world country status in the back of their minds. so the tradesmen finding mediocre training and learning facilities.
The government feel the need to hire a foreign based contracting and constructing company because, they dont recognise their own as being skilled enuff to handle the job they wanna do (or the ppl go tief all de material when it reach...jk). But they don't see that the solution to that is simple. developing trade schools to a high standard, will allow for better skilled companies of our own, who they can trust to consrtuct these fancy buildings. Vicious circle

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