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Dallas Vocational Schools

Janice Said:

Does America really Care about our servicemembers? Especially when they take the uniform off?

We Answered:

People don't care about military people any more than they care about anyone else, and I hold a controversial opinion on this, because I think that's how it ought to be. I mean, people will acknowlege the military with, as you mention, yellow ribbons and things like that, but this is mainly out of fad and peer-pressure to be patriotic. The reason I don't think we deserve any more than any other hard-working American, is because everyone contributes to the sovereignty of our country. As military people, we stand by in case we are invaded, but other people, especially those who work to make a product or provide a service maintain our economy, without which, we would not have sovereignty. We all contribute to our society and civilization. Nobody's job is more vital than anyone else's. You mention that the military contributes to the economy, which it doesn't. That's not an opinion, that's just reality. No economist will disagree with that. The Defense Department consumes more than 50% of tax revenue. Whatever contributions the military makes in various local economies, it takes a lot more than their contribution in tax revenue. And the more taxes people pay, the slower the economic growth. And the military does not even contribute to local economies. All the servicemembers would still exist if they weren't in the military and they each contribute to market necessities, regardless of them being in the military or not. Military personel live under a completely socialistic economy. Our food, healthcare, housing and other needs are all completely covered. If you live a lifestyle beyond this coverage, that is your own fault. In addition to this, we receive a paycheck every month that is very competitive with private jobs. Everyone in the private world has to live by the roll of the dice. Their jobs aren't nearly as secure as ours, they have to provide their own very expensive healthcare, childcare, food and shelter without any help from their employers, what makes you think that they owe the military anything? The private sector pays your salary, the civilians pay your salary, that's the way the economy works. You provide a service, they pay you, end of transaction. But for some reason, military people think they should be entitled to a bottomless pit of benefits. If you are in or were in the military and expect anything in return, you were in for the wrong reasons. Go into the military to better yourself, to receive an education, because of love of the art of battle and war and because you think the nation is worth losing your life for. You are not going to get rich and you are not going to get anyone's attention besides a simple "thank you". And you shouldn't expect anything more.

Tom Said:

Where can I find a good a good massage therapy school in the Dallas area?

We Answered:

Institute of Bodywork Studies in Lewisville, Texas has a great program.
Parker School of Massage Therapy also has a good program.

Links are in the Source section. Best of Luck!

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Wanfu said:

I have great regards for military personnel, they sacrifice their lives for the sake of nation and in return they won't expect anything.

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Go into the military to better yourself, to get a training, due to love of the craft of fight and war and on the grounds that you think the country merits losing your life for.

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