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Education Training System

Jennie Said:

Is the education system a mental conditioning camp?

We Answered:

It some sort of brainwashing facility, if you ask me. They don't teach you to think, they teach you to follow instructions.

Eduardo Said:

How have the American children been indoctrinated into a socialist system through public education?

We Answered:

They haven't been indoctrinated to give up any rights, well except for the ones from cons. families that are still in love with dubya's violation of the constitution taking away rights to privacy, etc.

Of course, the very institution of public schools is a socialistic thing. Public schools, public roads, public paid fire and police protection, Medicare that is taking care of your grandparents and possibly parents, Social Security that your grandparents are drawing and hopefully you will draw, are all socialistic programs.

Now what were you ranting about?

Pearl Said:

Does the Education system train us to be good Worker Bees, or to be Thinking Citizens in the Modern world?

We Answered:

Public education trains you to be drooling consumer morons.

And then it's reinforced through the mainstream media.

They don't need you to think about inventing anything or progressing in any way, those in control who make money off of the way the system is now do just fine.

All you need to do is not think, work in your mind numbing job, feed your fat face, watch TV and spend on worthless goods from slave labor countries.

If anything, they want to retrain you to work for the government. know, like schools (aka government youth training facilities), Police state apparatus, neighborhood spies, military, postal service, surveillence state apparatus, and soon to be health care.

Brad Said:

When people say failure of the education system what do they mean?

We Answered:

In large part it's about Bush's Childhold Left Behind Act, which forced teachers to have students memorize answers for exams rather than in engaging people to thiSecondlyndly Bush diverted much money from the public school system to finance private , religious, and even racist segregated schools, many of which were not subjected to the same oversight as public schools.

Walter Said:

Shouldn't the American education system dissolve academic classes to make room for social skill training?

We Answered:

No. No. No.

Anita Said:

Do you think under present Malay education system,it doesn't train a person to be a good speaker or presenter?

We Answered:

i dont think so. i learnt in a tamil primary school, then a malay (government) secondary school, and then in a local university where almost everything was taught in malay. but i'm a good speaker. not bragging or what, but really. i think it's because i spoke in english with my schoolmates.
english proficiently doesnt come solely from reading or learning in english but from speaking as well. we may use any language to learn as long we understand what we learn. good speaking skills comes from speaking itself. i think we should teach our kids to speak more in english so as to develop their presenting skills (in english)

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