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General Education Vs Vocational Education

Roberto Said:

Vocational education vs. General education. Opinions?

We Answered:

If you mean vocational education as in catholic or private school, pros are:
-the spiritual life
-smaller class sizes in most cases
-a more excited enviroment of students
-consider the fact that these kids have someone paying for their education... somebody cares aboout them, they dont just go to school because its the law
Cons are:
-less benefits
-lower pay

General Education pros are:
-higher pay, because it is government institution
-more benefits
-larger student body=large variaty

-kids in public schools HAVE to go to school because its the law, therefore some may not care about school, some parents may not care about school either

Gregory Said:

general education vs. vocational education?

We Answered:

It depends upon your long-term goals. If you will be satisfied by fixing computers, welding, or mechanics, then that would be a good fit for a family man. If your dream is to have something within yourself that you and others can admire, it takes a lot of Philosophy and other Humanities classes. Then join the Navy.

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General Education programs for a degree are programs that you take either at the college you intend to graduate from or from an accredited college institution.

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General Education and studying does a few things. it makes individuals for long term studying, gives individuals training that can be used to perspective factors in several ways and perspectives, as well as analyzing information.

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well.General Education programs for a degree are programs that you take either at the college you intend to graduate from or from an accredited college institution.

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People who are unable to got to school or institutes in time choose these vocational courses. They are extremely helping many people who are able to study from home and write the exams. That was a good differences between them.

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It was very informative to know about the difference between vocational education and general education. Many schools state both, but I was not clear what they meant. Thanks for sharing.

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If you will be satisfied by fixing computers, welding, or mechanics, then that would be a good fit for a family man.

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I don’t think we can say general education is better than vocational or vice versa. Both has their own specialties and it is important to select the best suited for each individual. There is no need to degrade the vocational studies.

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