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In Vocational Education

Gene Said:

why does obama or most poiliticians advocate college over vocational education?

We Answered:

It's a mistake.
They should be pushing the re-establishment of apprenticeship programs for the many people who should not be going to college.

Everett Said:

HELP>>>>vocational education??

We Answered:

Most likely not, because he lacks some of the basic courses that are required. Sometimes even if you are excepted you still might have to take approved courses at your community college and only if they are approved by the college or university that you've been excepted into. Take them locally because its a lot cheaper then paying at the university for the courses you should have taken in High school. You may want to start your college career at your community college to make sure its the thing you want to do and then try to transfer into the university that you want and keep your grades up.

Fernando Said:

Vocational Education To Higher Education In Malaysia?

We Answered:

I don't know.
but u may call this number

Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi,
Blok E3, Parcel E,
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,
62505 Putrajaya

Tel : 03 - 8883 5000
Faks : 03 - 8889 3921
Emel :

Dwight Said:

vocational education of dental assisting for 18 year old?

We Answered:

You idea is good. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you go to a community college or a state vocational program that has a "dental assisting" course. This should be pretty cheap and should be no longer than 1 year. There are no pre-requisites, except u need a High School diploma or G.E.D. THis type of education is mostly classroom theory and you do get to do a little practice with real volunteers that go to get their teeth fixed. After you finish your 9 month program, get a job and then go back to community college and take the dental hygene program which is 2-3 years, because you have to do some other classes like math, english, etc. Dental hygene programs are very specialized, only a few community colleges offer them. I don't know what state u are in, but in Southern California there are many many schools that offer dental assisting programs, which are almost free!!! There are also many many jobs in this area for these grads. It's a good idea because it's only 9 months, and if you decide you like it, then u can go on to spend more money and time on the Associate degree in Dental Hygene. Maybe u can even go to med school and become a Dentist.

Lisa Said:

Vocational Education is neccessary in Schooles and Colleges or not.?

We Answered:

Career training geared toward students who are seeking to learn a trade or skill has long been a mission of the Community Colleges. With high growth and emerging fields as the backbone of California’s economy, a skilled labor pool is necessary to meet employer needs and ensure California’s long-term economic vitality. Through workforce training, the Colleges play a critical role in the state’s economic development efforts.

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Vocational education can be very useful to understand the theory because it is hard to understand the theory without a practical. It is good for the students who are seeking for some skills.

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I'm tiring to fill out a university request and I am asked to answer whether I plan to enroll in this type of program. Is Pharmacy Tech an Occupational/Vocational Education Sequencer?

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