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Kansas Vocational Schools

Kathryn Said:

people in Kansas are on AFDC (Aid to Families and Dependent Children)

We Answered:

In AR, they pay for daycare if you go to school ..they pay all of it. If you work, they pay a percentage and you pay a percentage. In every state their is a wating list for both programs and money is limited so apply early. it usually doesn't matter which school or program you go to but I had to go at least part time.. This is what I did. daycare charges the same if he was there 1 day or 5 so I went to school 3 days a week and worked the other 2 (still free daycare) or went to school in morning, worked in afternoon. either way I didn't have to pay daycare. Only DHS can tell you how it works in your state but if you are planning on going to school in Fall, I would not bet on having funds available. Usually takes at least 4-6 weeks for processing applications and all If money is available

Perry Said:

Help! Should I be a Teacher?

We Answered:

College teaching is not always that great as they have many adjunct professors - part time and don't get benefits and not a lot of pay.

To get professsor job, do have to have doctorate but also have to write and publish. Publish or Perish is the song they sing.

Now I am moe familiar with HS teachers (or elementary) and public schools. There you can go to your local school and ask for a copy of the salary schedle for teachers and receive it as it is a public doument. Should be able to do the same at a state college but they may pay based on what they call merit (could be whomever they like best). I don't like merit pay but do agree that some deserve more than others.

Back to public school. need a BA or BS in education (or education and history majors) and get certification from the state and find a job (they do need teachers). Math and science are in high demand as not enough of them. Good to have double major like in English and History as you are more likely to stay 100% employed esp. in first few years.

There are health benefits and sometimes tuition reimbursement. Usually in first 5 years you are required to have masters' degree but not good idea to get it right after you get your bachelor's as Bachelors are cheaper for the scool and it takes 3 years to get tenure (at least in Ohio where I used to work with teachers). And you an use tuition reimbursement to help you get Master's and you move on pay schedule at about BA or BS + 15 (or 150 total hours) and sometimes that has to be after you get your degree and then another at Masters. Some have Masters Plus a number of hours. A few more ritzy areas have doctorate degree columns but that is not necessarily typical, not yet. There are also rows for experience. Get more money on shorter schedule over lifetime. Check out beginning wages at BA or BS at step 0 where you usually start and then at the top end of the schedule which is the bottom right corner but at masters. You can compare schedules. Teacher pay has finally gotten to the step where it is not horrible horrible. Start about where you are now - someplace in early 30's or high 20's but more toard 30's. I retired about 4 years ago so may be a bit higher. I haven't checked a schedule lately and goes to $50,000 or $60,000 and sometimes higher. That is for 9 months. There are also opportunities to earn more by taking supplementals, like coaching a sport or doing a special club like French Club or some special group like chess club or the Debate team, etc. or cheerleaders. Probably more opportunity there for male coaches though female coaches do usually make the same because of laws over the years. Used to be a big discrepancy. That is thanks to union negotiations and fights for equality.

There are requirements for continuing education, but your seeking the masters degree goes toward you continuing education so it does double duty. If you had that when you begin and got a job, then you'd still have to do continuing ed anyway so may as well earn and get some tuition reimbursement as you go. That is a negotiated item. Private schools do not have a union and are often paid less and don't have as many benefits as a rule. However, they can reward whom they wish rather than having an equal schedule. If administrators had their way, elementary would be paid less and math and science would be paid more. Teachers feel that it takes good elementary teachers for kids to succeed at high school levels.

So if yoou check out the contract and the salary schedule (all public documents at public schools) you can see what you want to do. You do have summers to do more education as well as to travel or be with kids. Can also teach summer school or take part time jobs. Pay is averaged and paid over the entire year instead of the 9 months you work though if you saved it yourself, it would be better to get in the 9 month period. Medical & prescriptions are covered and often eye and dental. Teaching is challenging. Parents are not as supportive as they should be. Kids not as respectful as they used to be. But it is still rewarding. Using Success Cards to let parents know of good work by students helps you and wins parental support when they know you care about their kids.

Good luck to you. But you won't teach just because of the money. It is because you like teaching and working with kids.

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