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Las Vegas Vocational Schools

Melinda Said:

Can you transfer to a University from trade school?

We Answered: excellent choice for what you want to do. Yes you can transfer but many of your class may not have equivelents at UNLV, thus making you need more units than expected to graduate. This is always a problem when going from a vocational school to regular university. Another problem may be that your current vocational school is not accredited (by the same acrediting agency as UNLV), which means the possiblity of no unit being transferable. In that case you can petition to have the units accepted and possible "test" out of certain units.

UNLV will be glad to discuss all the options with you. Remember you will also have several general education classes required by UNLV which are not part of the curiculum at vocational schools.

Phillip Said:

Troubled Friend?

We Answered:

Getting the GED at this point sounds like the best bet. He can get it at the local community college or through some other program in town. First they give you pre-tests and when you get the scores you know how much you need to study. You can attend GED courses after that which will help past the test or just study using online GED help sites (easy to find using google) or buy a GED book/check one out at the local library. Two months is a pretty standard and good amount of time to get a GED. To help him with this part you might be able to front some costs for the GED, although they aren't much they can be much for someone who was just released. If you can't afford it either one way to get money is to write to local businesses (especially the home grown type) and ask they sponser your friend. This nearly always works. Another thing you can do is study with him on a regular basis in a very routine way. It is important to introduce routine.

As far as work goes most towns have agencies where you can go and just work for the day. In my town it's called Labor Ready. Basically you go fill out paperwork and then sit for the entire day. Sometimes employers will need help with a painting job etc... they'll come in and pick up some of the people waiting. It's not great but it can provide some money and a routine until one has their GED. Also getting a paper route or something simple like that where they don't typically require a diploma or GED.

During this time another thing you can do is help your friend hook up with local social services. Go to the Department of Human Services and see what your friend might be eligible for. He could be eligible for foodstamps, financial assistance, work training, etc... Also if he isn't eligible for foodstamps they can give you a list of places that hand out food boxes, getting those can really help reduce bills and save up money.

One last thing. When your friend does get his GED then he can apply for financial aid. Often times going back to school, say community college is very helpful. Financial aid can pay for his schooling and all his living expenses. And the community college can start with the most basic to pretty advanced classes depending on what your friend needs.
It's very simple to do this. Go to this website and fill out the form:
And for community college you can register at any time and all you really need is a GED (it's usually only a one page application). You can also hook him up with an academic advisor at the community college which could lead him through all the necessary steps.

Hope this helps!

Earl Said:

What path is best for me post-high school?

We Answered:

Without your SAT or ACT scores, any answer is pure speculation.

If you have your scores, go to one of the free online services and determine which schools are likely to admit you. Apply to at least three and then make choices when the acceptances come rolling in.

Good luck to you.

Good college search sources:

Marcus Said:

I need College Help!!!?

We Answered:

You can go for a Double major?

Alicia Said:

Culinary/restaurant management/Hotel schools in Las Vegas?

We Answered:

Try Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts - Las Vegas. Located in the "Entertainment Capital of the World," the school brings a world-class culinary curriculum to a city with a thriving hospitality industry and ample career opportunities.

Or The The Art Institute of Las Vegas considers the culinary arts as one of many fields in which creativity and forward-thinking can combine to power a successful career.The school prides itself on using both working professionals and trained educators to create a learning environment catered to the real world…

Darren Said:

Are there any surgical nursing programs in Las Vegas?

We Answered:

University of Nevada: Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV

University of Southern Nevada
Henderson, NV

If you are thinking about months of training instead of years, it just isn't going to happen. The nursing profession takes itself very seriously, as it should.

Dustin Said:

do you get college credits if you go to a vocational school?

We Answered:

It really depends on the school. To find out, contact the culinary art college you wish to apply to and see what the admissions people say.

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more said:

The vocational schools in Las Vegas are some of the best schools available in the world. These are good platforms to nourish up your skills related to the various trades and you can expect a decent salary when you complete these courses.

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