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List Of Tech Schools

Eugene Said:

Surgical Tech schools in California?

We Answered:

Please forgo those private overpriced for-profit tech schools such as penn foster, everest, sanford brown, anthem, pima institute and instead consider the more AFFORDABLE county vo-tech school or community college as long as the program is accredited within the industry.

For US colleges:

General career info: and can type into search.

Katie Said:

I applied for Financial Aid, and listed 2 school codes, will they let me switch schools after one semester ?

We Answered:

Yes. Financial aid wise, you are fine. JUst make sure you contact the other school shortly to prepare for the transfer.
Contact the registrar and financial aid office at the other school and get all of your docs in ASAP.

Maureen Said:

What are some good and hopefully AFFORDABLE College level USA schools for doing voice over and animation work?

We Answered:

There are many places that teach you how to do Voice over work. Like:

However having myself a few VO spots under my belt, I would suggest just going for it!
Gather together commercials from TV or Radio even film, characters that you do, and put together your own Demo. If you are rehearsed you can usually put something together in a studio in minimal time. Some recording studios around my area charge as little as $25 /hr. So, for under $100 you could come out with a great demo to send to radio stations, agents, and advertising agency's in your area.
I really believe that there is power in doing. Go, out meet people who are doing it now. Ask them questions. You honestly don't need school!

Good Luck! Let me know how it goes!

Judy Said:

Resume education question: tech school versus business degree?

We Answered:

Tech Schools get a bad rap among newcomers to the real world.
If you have some sort of relevant or real world training, buy all means include it.

Training as an IT repairman, or as a plumber, or whatever is useful in the real world is always relevant.

If your training was in astrological forecasting, you might want to reconsider including that.

Good luck to you

Katrina Said:

Air Force Tech School locations - Where do medical professions go?

We Answered:

Depends on the AFSC:

Most go to Sheppard AFB, TX :

Those who do not go to Sheppard AFB are below:


4D0X1 - DIET THERAPY - Lackland AFB, TX and Sheppard AFB

4R0X1 - DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING - Portsmouth, VA , Sheppard AFB and Several AF hospitals

4T0X1 - MEDICAL LABORATORY - Sheppard AFB then major AF hospitals

Diana Said:

where can i get a list of radiology schools in georgia?

We Answered:


Discuss It!

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Technical schools also been establishing more values to their programs as more of the students used to come around them and get more professional techniques, so this will be another good way to approach your voice over ideas.

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If your training was in astrological forecasting, you might want to reconsider including that.

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There are lots of technical schools in the region and they teach good as well. I myself learned from one but mine wasn't near as good. I did end up getting an essay writer to help me out from time to time so I wouldn't fail. said:

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