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Los Angeles Vocational Schools

Harry Said:

how to become a ultrasound technician???? need some help on what schools to go too?

We Answered:

Going for online education one needs to utter careful while selecting an online college, as there are scams out there that can hurt you badly. An online college should be:-

> Accredited that to from reputed organization.
> Should be legit
> Known in the field of online education.

Never opt for any online school or college that doesn't fits in these requirements.

Cheryl Said:

How can I learn how to work on cars in Los Angeles? (Read Details)?

We Answered:

the only real way to learn in just weekends is to go to school, theres is no easy way of doing it, it requires lots of time and patience, i mean your going to emt classes in the afternoon which means you figure thats a career right? well working on cars is a career, not just a hobby, the average joe cant put a turbocharger in a car, heck, the average shop cant either. you my friend have to decide how deep you want to get into turning wrenches. you can be a hobbyist that gets by with the minimal knowledge just by reading and checking out books at the library and maybe taking one night class a week about the fundamentals. that alone will teach you how to service a car and repair the most common things, and also how to not let yourself get ripped off at the local shop.

Pamela Said:

Nursing schools information please?

We Answered:



I can't emphasize that one enough!!

You will end up with a ridiculous debt and in all likelihood, no decent hospital will hire you.

Instead, find a community college (for Associate Degree) or state university (for BSN).

Most colleges do have their general ed classes available as an online course (English Comp, Psych, Sociology, Algebra, etc).

As far as what college/ long as it's accredided by at least one of the following agencies, you're fine:…


Choosing a school that's not on here just because "it's easy to get into" or "they don't have a wait list" is going to end up with you wasting a phenomenal amount of time and money. You will find a couple of "vocational" schools on here...but those function like community colleges, not over-priced career schools that have "admissions reps" (sales staff) trying to convince you to attend.

Looks like Long Beach City College is on the NLN-list. That might be a good start for you.

Best wishes in your career goals!

Adrian Said:

How Do I Live With My Regret?

We Answered:

Forgive yourself. Is the first thing, then ask for forgiveness. You have made a mistake, but you are realizing your mistakes which is the next step to recovery. I bet writing this took a lot of weight off of your shoulders? Sharing your story and expecting feedback is very therapeutic, even with your therapist. You can try to tell your therapist your prefer to work it out without meds because of the side effects. Which is understandable because depression meds can lead the patient to suicide thoughts. Now what you just wrote on here, I think you owe the same explanation to your kids (ofcourse in an appropriate way) and to the dads. Children can be very forgiven. However that doesn't mean to take advantage of their naivety. Because the older they grow the more they will answers their own questions. Don't beat yourself up too much over past. What has been done was done, so now its time to start today. Today they need you just like yesterday. So make the step today. Its necessary. A late start is better than a no start.. Right? Good luck hun

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