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Miami Vocational Schools

Sidney Said:

If i enroll in vocational school will i have to take unnecessary classes?

We Answered:…

In short, yes.

Gordon Said:

does anyone know about everest institute in miami,fl?

We Answered:

For what they are going to charge you at Everest, you can go to Miami-Dade College and take the same courses (medical assistant of pharm technician) and you will finish with a DEGREE, not a certificate. I went to Everest and my student loan costs me $126 per month and I don't have a degree to show for it. They did NOTHING to help me find employment after I finished. The job I have I found on my own. I would not recommend Everest to anybody. My biggest regret is that I spent all of that student loan money and I don't even have a degree to show for it, just a certificate of completion. In the job market, you are competing against people with a degree. Who would you rather hire, someone with a degree or someone with a certificate of completion? Think long and hard before giving Everest one dime of your money. For me, Everest was a waste of my time and money and I'm paying $126 a month for nothing. I ended up having to be retrained for the coding position I went to Everest for. Their education is laughable.

Dean Said:

how to create an entry level resume? what should be include in the resume due to my experience?

We Answered:

Microsoft Works has free templates, so look there to create one. It will do all the work for you.

And just so you know you will put your school, your job and your internships on there. Usually they break that into two groups "Volunteer Work" and "Jobs", but since your internships were technically non-paying jobs, I'd put them under jobs because it would probably look better to have them under the job catagory instead of having all that experience in volunteer work and technically they were proper jobs you just didn't get paid for them. However if you feel more comfortable putting them in a seperate catagory, you could call them "Internships" instead of "Volunteer Work"
Here's a simple sample:

(center all of the above. It would not let me center it on here)

Education (bold it and make the font larger as this is a title)
[Dates] [Name] [Degree]

Work Experience (bold it and make the font larger as this is a title)
[Dates] [Company] [Type of work]
[address] [Explanation of work] (for ex: answered phones, etc.)

Volunteer Work or Internship (bold it and make the font larger as this is a title)
[Dates] [company] [type of work]
[address] [explanation]

As I said MW will create resumes for you. IT will do all the work of creating fonts, titles, colors, etc. All you have to do is enter the information where it says to. and they'll include extra categories, for example if you were applying to school it would tell you to put extracurricular. One category you could think of adding to the simple one is any other languages you may know. Most companies look for bilingual speakers and having that on your resume will look good. Under volunteer work put "Languages" (list it like the above), and then list the languages and if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced. If you want you can include how many years you've been speaking it.

Carrie Said:

want to go to florida, terrified of bugs?

We Answered:

Yes, Florida does have some BIG bugs, especially roaches. As a child, I experienced what you are saying you fear, BIG BUGS. When I saw a Florida roach, I thought it was a miniature alligator! ! ! It was about 3" long and very fast. My relatives told me that the roaches would not hurt me, but the scorpions would. That really creeped me out and I spent hours looking for those bad guys. The sandy soil encourages sand fleas, etc. In the summer time, gnats were very annoying because they would fly around my face constantly. My relatives seemed to not be bothered and the gnats just flew around them constantly. Most of these issues came up from living in the country, not the big cities.

What solved this problem for me was to get a degree in biology where I learned about the bugs. I had the opportunity to speak to the world's most foremost expert on spiders at the Smithsonian Institute while working on a spider project. I learned a great deal about the spider from him and the more I learned, the less fear I had.

Please realize that bugs are all around us and in fact, if you take away all the skin, bones, blood, and physical body parts and left the bugs in and on us, you would still see a body outline very clearly due to the bugs. When you realize that bugs are here to clean up our messes, it makes more sense to be very clean. In Florida, you learn to keep everything dry and clean. The more clean you are, the fewer bugs because their is nothing for them to clean up.

One of the most gross things I've ever seen was in a trailer park in Las Vegas. Working on trailers there was a very enlightening experience. This is a very DRY desert climate and in the winter, can be very cold, with very little humidity like in Florida. I looked under a sink and was wondering why the pipes connected to the sink seemed to move. I touched it with a screw driver and the roaches all scattered. The whole pipe was covered with roaches. Many trailers had NO roaches. Cleanliness was the key.

Bottom line for you will be to learn about the bugs to reduce your fear of them and then to focus on Cleanliness.

good luck to you in Florida, it's a beautiful state.

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