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Office Of Vocational Education

Maria Said:

Need idea for a job for someone with bad eye sight, but with college education.

We Answered:

i would think retail would be fun for you. Customer service and Call-center jobs would be perfect, where you only answers customer questions.

you can ask help from job recruiters and employment agencies. they will direct you at jobs that might be right for your situation.


Charles Said:

what education do you have to have to do peoples' taxes?

We Answered:

No formal education is required to do taxes even as a paid tax preparer. If you want to get in on some free education, I would look at some of the larger companies such as Jackson Hewitt, etc. Especially during tax season, they are always looking for temporary help, and you could probably work part time for them if you wish. All of the places will send you to a mini training course on tax preparation. After you get your "feet wet" the first season or two, then look at going out on your own.

Harry Said:

What type of resume do I need?

We Answered:

Check out your local Public Library - they have LOTS of good books on this subject.

Roberto Said:

Would it be silly to learn to me an auto mechanic without existing knowledge of it?

We Answered:

If you have the quest for knowledge then make the change. No one is born knowing auto repair any more than doctors are born with surgery knowledge. Experience is the only teacher. The schools will give the theory but the real learning comes with hands on experience. Good luck to you.

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The three main advantages of vocational education, according to federal office that oversees it.

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