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Online Vocational Training

Hilda Said:

Can anyone revise my cover letter that I am sending online with my resume?

We Answered:

I would like to thank you for taking the time to considering my application for (position here). I am excited and ready to work for (Company here) because your reputation is outstanding as well as the advertisements you display on T.V. and radio. I feel very qualified for this position with my excellent vocational and people skills. I would be acceptive of any training programs your company offers and I look foward to aquiring new skills and knowlege. Thank you for considering myself for the position and I look forward to meeting you in person.

Tonya Said:

nurse training online- help!?

We Answered:

to train to be a nurse, there will be theory and clinical placements.. there is no way you can study nursing completly online.. and if you did, dont enrol in it.. you need placement hours to become a properly trained nurse..

Alfredo Said:

What medical program is the best field to get into- ultrasound/sonography, xray tech or dental hygienist?

We Answered:

I have not heard good things about job opportunities for dental hygienists. My best friend graduated from DH in May and still does not have a job. And apparently it's that way in lots of places right now.

As far as Ultrasound or X ray, I think these are pretty much equal when it comes to job opportunities. That's because they offer a variety of places to work which means there are more openings. For instance, a sonographer (depending on the specialization) could work in a hospital, a doctor's office, a free-standing imaging station, or a traveling imaging station.

If you end up considering ultrasound, I would suggest going into Diagnostic Medical Sonography since it is more diverse and there are more opportunities. With DMS, you could do abdominal, neurosonography, obstetrics ("baby" u/s), breast, etc.

None of these are available online. They require hands-on training and clinical hours.

It doesn't matter if you get a 2 year associate's or 4 year bachelors, as long as the program is accredited. Then, you will be able to sit for your boards after graduating and get registered. You can find an accredited program here (for DMS):…

Nelson Said:

Teens......please help?????? ( plus a survey if your bored)?

We Answered:

I don't know what vocational training is, sorry.

1. What's your favorite genre of music? Honestly, it varies so much. I like alternative, rock, pop, dance, rap, etc.
2. What grade are you in? 8th.
3. What are you doing right now? Listening to "Lose Yourself [clean]" by Eminem + answering these questions.
4. What's your favorite color? Cerulean.
5. What's your hardest subject? Technology. :P
6. What color are your eyes? Hazel.
7. What's your favorite thing about your personality? I can joke around.
8. What are your favorite users in this sections? Compliment them. IDK.

This was a cool survey. :] And sorry I couldn't answer the first part! :[

Amanda Said:

Which is Better for the people affected by the BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill?,?

We Answered:

Honestly, there is also some possibility of tampering with polls, both unofficial and scientific.

The truth of the matter is the best option for people effected by the oil spill would be to sue BP for their damages and survive on government assistance until then.

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