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Phoenix Vocational Schools

Sara Said:

Penn Foster High School diploma?

We Answered:

I'm not sure if 'penn foster' high school diploma is acceptable to most community colleges or not. There are, however, several negative posts by former students about 'penn foster', one of those online, for-profit schools (just as university of phoenix, strayer, everest, kaplan, ITT tech, sanford brown, argosy, capella, walden, high tech, stratford career, ashworth, remington, colorado tech and others are). Course credits, at least in the career programs, may NOT transfer to other schools either. Consumer site: and can search 'penn foster', 'stratford career, university of phoenix or such.

Just fyi if considering the online high school 'continental academy' that is has apparently lost its accreditation:…

For US colleges and universities:

General career information: and can search whatever career that piques one's interest.

Chester Said:

Are there any University of Phoenix Success Stories?

We Answered:

yeah... I didnt go and im successful.. Those people are worse then military recruiters..

Pauline Said:

Does anyone recommend University of Phoenix?

We Answered:

University of Phoenix is known as a degree mill. Its a for-profit institution and does not care about educational quality. Their enrollment counselors are trained like salesmen who will constantly call/convince you to go if you give them your number. All they want is your money. I heard some pretty bad stories about the education there and how people who actually try hard still fail due to the "professor's" lack of caring and useless group projects where their partners did no work.

Applications for jobs stating the person got their degree from UoP are almost always thrown directly into the trash.

So in short...your paying A LOT of money, getting a horrible education, and wasting your time if you go there. Better not make that mistake and apply.………

I also suspect some of those reviews from that guy's link are probably posted by UoP employees to try to boost their horrible reputation.

Rodney Said:

what exactly is university of phoenix?

We Answered:

The University of Phoenix is a profit making business. It makes money for its owners by charging very high tuition fees for inferior instruction. Its degrees are not respected by most other universities and many private employers. Some classes are taught by "facilitators" rather than instructors, lecturers or professors.

It is not a community college. It has some vocational programs. Virtually any adult with the money to pay the tuition or the ability to get a large enough student loan can go there. It is more than happy to accept recent high school graduates who want to waste their money.

Your local community college will offer a better and more respected education for a much lower price.

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The University of Phoenix and other for-profit schools never participated in the "prestige game." Phoenix is an open-access school; you don't have to take tests or write application essays to get in.

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