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Skills 4 Work

Dwayne Said:

applying 4 a job in a bar & it says team work is vital what skills do u have? what can I say?

We Answered:

Say that you're a team player and communicate well with others.

Tamara Said:

What's the best way for a 38 year old mother of 4 to get back into the work force after a 4 month hiatus?

We Answered:

4 months is not a long time to be out of the work force so that should not be a problem. Maybe look at working for a hotel chain reservation system, an airline (if they have a call center near you). Not every employer is looking for younger workers. Your bigger hurdle is going to be the companies who have now outsourced most call center operations.

Look at Cargo, Freight Forwarders, Ocean Freight lines. They all still operate call centers around the country.

Jerry Said:

What skills does a level 2,3, and 4 Gymnast have to have????

We Answered:

I'll just name one for each.

Level 2:
Bars: back hip circles or sole circles
Beam: Skip across
Vault: Half or Full turn
Floor: Handstand foward rolls

Level 3:
Bars: Single Leg Shoot Through
Beam: handstands
Vault: Tuck jumps/Straight jumps/Straddle jumps
Floor: Roundoffs

Level 4:
Bars: Stride circles
Beam: cartwheels
Vault: front handsprings
Floor: Roundoff back handsprings

Erik Said:

I have to make a list of work skills I need to improve on. Do you have any ideas??

We Answered:

Try typing speed and accuracy, time management, file management, software knowledge, business writing, product knowledge, and/or spelling accuracy period.

A lot of people in office situations have started using too many word abbreviations and then having to look them up without even knowing what the words mean or how to properly spell them.

Lisa Said:

skills and personal attributes for a job?

We Answered:

My background is in the software industry. In my mind, following is what one needs:

Personal attributes:
1. Sincerity
2. Patience
3. Have lots of common sense (be practical)

Work skills (again, from an IT/software perspective):
1. Ability to understand software life cycle
2. The sense to realize where you fit into the entire cycle (are you good at understanding software requirements? Or development? Or testing?)
3. Always keep customer and productivity in mind. No matter which company you join, profits come from happy customers and a controlled cost base for your organization.

Hope this helps.

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