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Technical Education Jobs

Hector Said:

What Education And/Or Technical Courses Would I Take To Do Custom Automobile/ Motorcycle Paint Jobs?

We Answered:

start as an apprentice at a body shop or take a pre-employment body course and then apprentice. skill takes experience, and they don't teach experience

Toni Said:

i already got a job but i wanna grow my technical education,like diploma(if any AICTE approoved)in correspond.?

We Answered:

You can do your Diploma from Indira Gandhi National Open University - IGNOU through correspondence. It offers Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (DME).

More information from IGNOU web site:

You can also do your Diploma from Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University - YCMOU. It is also UGC recognized university.

Visit YCMOU web site:……

Melvin Said:

what kind of education do you need for data entry jobs?

We Answered:

I think a community college would do fine. Data entry is very simple. You need to know some software, however, like, Microsoft Excel, Access, as they are best to put in data.

Computer skills will also be needed.

Charlotte Said:

construction mang.the same education wise if i were to take it at a technical college other than a university?

We Answered:

I got my BS majoring in construction management at a university and have been working in the field for 7 years or so. To answer your really depends on the work you want to get involved in.

Job placement will always be better with a 4 year degree from a university. Especially with big companies. They can use your resume as political capital and bill more for your services to their clients. Even if you are working for a smaller company it makes the owner a little more comfortable when he knows the project manager has a degree in construction management from an accredited university.

But, I have worked with people at companies that were schedulers, estimators, and cost engineers that didn't go to a university. They were just capable of performing the job. However, they are usually older and have a lot of field experience.

It all depends on where you want to be later on down the road. If you want to be a project manager on a high profile job. Then yes go to a university, you will probably want your PMP as well. If you prefer to go more behind the scenes and work as project engineer for a general contractor or a cost schedule engineer for engineering house the 4 year degree may not be as important.

A good example... a lot of senior construction professionals have no idea how to schedule and couldn't even begin to use a program like Primavera or Project. I know guys that make six figures that don't have a degree, just because they know how to use Primavera and Project. But it's behind the scenes. You support the PM and provide him the costs, schedules, change orders ...

If you really want to avoid the university. You could go to the technical school, get your field experience and then get your PMP. Some companies see this as more important than the degree. I've known some who have taken this route and are doing quite well.

It just depend on what your focus will be. CM is such a broad field.

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