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Top Vocational Schools

Clarence Said:

I haven't worked in a couple of years, can I attend college?

We Answered:


There are lots of scholarships and other grants out there.

Be aware that not all beauty (cosmotology) schools will even except a FAFSA grant. You may definately want to check that out.

Below are some sites to search...

Stephanie Said:

My life in Pyongyang, of which all Americans are jealous?

We Answered:

Boy aren't you in high……

Nobody will risk saying anything bad about the government. If they have nothing good to say, they say nothing.

If you walk around the streets of Pyongyang you will see that a very large part of the population is wearing some for of uniform; military, police, different types of guards, school uniforms, university uniform etc.. This gives the impression of a very disciplined population.

Life in Pyongyang, Hamheung and Wonsan (biggest cities) is a bit different from the countryside. These cities have department stores and restaurants, but these are not elegant or stylish by Western standards. Regular people shop for food and clothes in the market.

North Korea has many great beaches where people swim or fish from piers.

People cannot watch TV or listen to radio from other countries. They can not read newspapers from other countries or access the internet.

Regular people do not have cars, they travel by train, bus, trolleybus or metro.

Lack of electricity is a big problem in North Korea. Houses only get electricity for a few hours a day. Running water is also a problem. It only comes on for a few hours a day.

Many families live in high rise apartments. They save water in the bath tub so it's available when they need it.

Families who live in traditional houses have to fetch water from outside.

Many houses are quite run down. North Korea was dependent on the Soviet union for subsidies to get by. It ran out of money. Fixing houses has not been a priority.

Some other interesting facts:

-It's very clean everywhere - people are trained in school to become neat-freaks, so no trash or graffiti anywhere.

-All children must learn to play an instrument!

-The biggest holidays are the Birthdays of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. All children get a present. People sing special songs about them and go to statues of them to put flowers.

Military service is 5-10 years for men. It is compulsory.

North Korea was doing quite well up until 1991. People were happy that their government was doing its job. They supported the government. Unfortunately North Korea was not able to stand on it's own legs when the Soviet Union was not around any more to support it. Economic sanctions have been devastating for the population.

Phyllis Said:

home schooling and college?

We Answered:

Hi hon. I went to look at your other questions and read the one about you being in high school this year too. Sounds like you are having a tough time of it adjusting to moving up to Jr. High and High School and stuff.
Homeschooling might actually be a great thing for you. I homeschool my kids. They won't have a problem getting into college. Don't worry about that for right now. You have a few years and most colleges love homeschooled kids. No matter what, it's easy to get into a community college and do a year there of your general ed classes, then transfer to a 4 year college. The transfer is easy and the community college is cheaper.
OK, so that takes care of the college angle. As for vocational and art. What exactly do you mean by vocational? If you explained what subjects you mean I could answer that better. As for art, well it's not required for high school, but if you like it it's an easy subject to work in. When homeschooling things don't have to be so rigid as they are in a regular school. My kids often do their schoolwork in their pj's.
History class may consist one year of reading books about presidents, or of the governmental process, or taking a lot of field trips to historical places and doing projects on them and researching them. Art is what you make of it. You can take private lessons, or you can go to a local A&C store like Michaels or whatever there is in your area, get supplies and do it yourself art teaching books. That's what my daughter is doing this year and loving it. She is 15 and is writing and illustrating her own books.
Get creative. Have fun with it. Help your mom come up with your curriculum for next year. Check out a couple websites and take part in your own education. You might end up enjoying school.
I don't know what state you live in, but there are online groups for teenagers in just about every state. Here are some that are not per state though.…

Ryan Said:

well, since England is out of the question...?

We Answered:

Newcastle is a nice city. I'm not just saying that because I live there either. It's small compared to most English cities, but it's still very cosmopolitan and will have everything that you need. The people are friendly and welcoming to all races, colours and creeds. It's one of the least expensive cities to live in but there are still very many decent areas to choose from. Sometimes this is a problem in other cities - a lot of bad areas, with no great variations in price.

Also, if architecture is your thing, you'll certainly like it here. We've got some of the best Edwardian and Jacobian architecture outside of London in my opinion. There's always some form of construction going on in the city centre and the quayside too, so I'm assuming there must be work for architects here. Every other day, a modern, new building is springing up somewhere around here.

Sean Said:

Was Google really hacked in China?

We Answered:

People all over are hacking.

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