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Trade School Careers

Alma Said:

What careers in a trade school make a lot of money?

We Answered:

any service trade - electrictrian -- auto mechanic etc!!!

Arnold Said:

are there any good careers in trade schools?

We Answered:

6,000 a month is hard for people who have PhD's and went to school for many many years. A trade school will doubtfully get you that much unless you start your own business or something.
Or perhaps do underwater welding which you get paid alot to do because of the risk factor. You could become a Realtor who can possibly make that much depending on your skill, clients, and location you live.
Look into the trade schools where you live ad what they offer usually they have information on the career outlook & salary range listed for each certificate or program.

Roberta Said:

4-Year College Alternatives? Trade/Tech School Careers?

We Answered:

My brother works in the motorsports industry and he took the trade school route to get where he's now. He used to work the assembly lines in the midwest before moving south to work for a chassis manufacturing company.

His aim is to work with designers in the race car industry by being part of the design & build team.

Aaron Said:

Can you really get hired as an LVN through a trade school?

We Answered:

See if the human resources or personnel department at the nearby hospital can answer your question: how often do you hire people who just graduated from Concorde to be LVNs?

You heard correctly about UofP, etc. I don't know anything about Concorde.

Brent Said:

What are some good jobs you can get from a career/trade school?

We Answered:


I know about medical transcription and medical coding profession. I can suggest both are good to earn and settle in life. For coding, you can see and for transcription

You can also check below group for further details.

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