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Trade School Programs

Stacey Said:

if a 1yr trade school program counts as 4 years, can you get 4yrs worth of PELL grant for that year?

We Answered:

You can't get four years' worth of aid in one year. You have to file a FAFSA every year you want to be eligible for Federal aid, so your Pell grant is awarded year-by-year. (They aren't going to assume you'll be eligible for more than one year.) You would only have $5,000 for the trade school program.

Also, make SURE this school is approved to distribute Pell grant funds. Not all for-profit schools are.

Julian Said:

Attending a trade school or program while at a college?

We Answered:

You can get your associate's degree in social work online while working part time. Many employers will take into account your education aspirations and give you on the job training as well. Here is a great program that I personally recommend:

Maurice Said:

Did you find a job after choosing a LPN practical nursing trade school program? I'm looking into schools as we?

We Answered:

hey see for this. Navigate through the links available on left and right side.

Perry Said:

Did you find a job after choosing a LPN practical nursing trade school program?

We Answered:

You need to make sure that your "trade school" isn't one of those over-priced "career colleges" where you end up with credits that won't transfer to another college or university. So many students get swayed into attending those "schools" because their admission advisors (sales staff) are so persuasive.

Now, they are many good tech/trade schools out there, but if they are charging you more than $5000 to become an LPN...........that's one of the key signs that it's overpriced.

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