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Trade Schools In Illinois

Lois Said:

Will i have a good chance at University of Illinois Urbana?

We Answered:

Not enough information to determine if you have a good chance or not.

Brad Said:

Can I go to school to get some extra skills !? High school.?

We Answered:

Yeah you can go to vocation school and get hands on experience.

Jennie Said:

Does Illinois pay unemployment while going to school?

We Answered:

Unemployment benefits are only eligible for one year, so maybe if he found a trade school where he could be done in 9 months or something then it's possible. But I'm not really sure because you have to be actively seeking work to be on unemployment and they might find out he is in school full time which is obviously not seeking work. Try to look on the Illinois unemplyment website for more specific answers.

Constance Said:

PLEASE HELP!!! Anyone who has an Associates Degree.. Just a few questions.. 10 POINTS PLEASE HELP!?

We Answered:

1. 3 years...2 degrees
2.Community College
3. yes
4. x-ray tech
5. 6
6. Never give up and work hard

(all 3 years on the national dean's honor list)

Kyle Said:

What are the requirements for someone wanting to become a Stenographer or Court Reporter in Illinois?

We Answered:

Very rigorous/arduous training. Must be able to master upwards of 225 wpm. Legitimate programs take at least 2 but closer to 4 years training.

Some schools listed in Illinois, (there are programs offered online however, be careful in making certain schools are fully accredited.)……

Marcus Said:

Can I go to school while in high school to get some extra skills !?

We Answered:

YES ! you can go to trade school thats what I did during high school years.

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It was also important to point out the right direction and also the right point which is nearly been so important, vocational programs there also made many things more comfortable to their interests and skills. said:

Try to look on the Illinois unemplyment website for more specific answers.

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