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Trade Training Schools

Leo Said:

Are there trade schools to become things like fire fighters/electricians/etc?

We Answered:

YOU ASKED: Are there trade schools to become things like fire fighters/electricians/etc?


Juse make sure that the school is ACCREDITED by an agency approved (to accredit) by the US Department of Education (USDE) and/or the Council for Higher Education Accreditaiton (CHEA) by looking-up the school in one or both of the following databases:


If the school isn't in one or both of those databases, then it means it's not accredited (despite what it may claim), and so you should STAY AWAY.

The only exception to that whole "accredited" thing would be if whomever you were going to work for, or any relevant government licensing agencies, REQUIRED that you attend some other kind of school. And even then, there should be one or more schools which meet both the potentiall employer's, and the state's, requirements... and is still accredited. Stick with those.

Hope that helps.

Tiffany Said:

Where can I go to find out what kind of trade-school like training I can receive in the military?

We Answered:

Go to any of the military branches web-sites and they have lists of recruiters around you. Or, look in your yellow pages under military recruitment.

Diane Said:

Are there trade or training schools in Northwest Indiana that I can attend to become a carpenter?

We Answered:…

Evelyn Said:

What are some examples of colleges,universities,or trade schools that train people how to become a dentist?

We Answered:

You must go to an accredited college or university to become a dentist. You can not become a dentist in a trade school.
After a four year degree if you have the grades you can go on to dental school for a doctorate.

Check out site below for colleges

Frances Said:

Im thinking about going to a trade school....HVAC training?

We Answered:

I've heard of Wyotech. Are you looking at the one in Long Beach? You can be certified in less than a year, but it must be expensive. Be sure to see if any financial aid is available.

Check this site for pay:

It varies by region. Good luck.

Nathaniel Said:

Are there any accredited trade schools online?

We Answered:

Of the three, culinary arts will be the most likely. Cosmetology requires real people to work on in a supervised setting and electricity isn't something you can do without labs and hands-on.

Culinary arts can be learned in your own kitchen but that level of training isn't going to get you a great job - employers want you to have some time in a commercial kitchen.

DETC accredits trade and technical distance programs. This accreditation is legit and recognized by the US Dept. of Education but understand that the course credit will not transfer to most colleges. That said, most people don't transfer this type/level of course anyway.

Their list is at

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