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Trades And Careers

Sandra Said:

Different trades/careers in the timber industry..??!?

We Answered:

1. forest concession er
2.contractor with electric company
3. loggers
4. furniture making
5. kitchen utensil manufacturer
6. art crafters
7. canoe makers
8. slabs for housing.

Oscar Said:

good careers/trades/certifications one can receive to get a decent job that doesnt require a 4 year college?

We Answered:

Forget about college. All you will get is a big debt to repay, and then have your job shipped to China, India, Mexico, etc.

Get certified in a trade like air conditioning, electrician, truck driver, plumber, lineman for utility, etc. Then you will have a better chance of always having a job.

Irene Said:

Has anybody heard of the company Access 2 Trade Careers and their professional electrician course?

We Answered:

..........good luck to you

Edward Said:

what careers/ trades take a year or less of schooling?

We Answered:

that's an oxymoron if i've ever heard one. there's no such thing as instant gratification and a realistic expectation of a long term gain. what do you consider good pay? for me anything that pays over $160,000 a year is good pay. Anything less is average for me.

Call center reps at Verizon in Long Island make between $45,000 - $80,000 a year. No education required but you've got to be a good sales person.

Samantha Said:

What is the best trades career to get into?

We Answered:

An internal trade like Electrican or Plumber. These wont die out.

Annie Said:

What types of trades or careers can you do without a high school diploma? ?

We Answered:

I am probably the wrong person to answer this, but why shun a high school diploma? I think it is within reason that everyone should strive to get this, and more. It tells employers you are committed and disciplined. In 2008 it is hard to not make it without a high school diploma and a college degree. Heck I have a graduate degree and it is hard. Just think more seriously about your future, and remember many trade schools require a high school diploma or GED. Some will even combine that with your program goals.

Best Wishes on your research.

Alice Said:

Do all careers offer apprenticeships? Is it jobs only for trades?

We Answered:

If apprenticeships in America are anything like the UK then most industries, trade or otherwise have them but they pay less than minimum wage. In the UK an apprenticeship can earn as little as £95 per week for a 40 hour week when if you were on minimum wage and doing 40 hours you would earn £232 per week.

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Has anybody heard of the company Access 2 Trade Careers and their professional electrician course?

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