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Vocational Adult Education

Jimmie Said:

"Is It Ever Too Late To Return To College As An Adult ?" Teaching VS. Property Management Certificate?>>?

We Answered:

i think you should go back to college. It is never too late :) I mean if you are middle aged, you may spend the next 20 or 30 years in a job you don't like if you don't start over. You only live once.

Elaine Said:

What are Your intellectual views??

We Answered:

Knowledge, when combined with wisdom is uplifting. It is wisdom to acquire knowledge. Those who acquire knowledge, and use it with wisdom, are uplifted. Those who don't, aren't. It is said, A little learning is a dangerous thing, but I think no learning is disastrous. As to learning menial skills, what you don't know how to do, you have to pay someone to do for you. Seek knowledge in fields that fulfill you, and don't let anyone tell you any honest labor is demeaning.

Tony Said:

I need help for my college application!?

We Answered:

Math is divided up into semesters just like psychology, Freshman Comp or anything else. You are prob just enrolled in two different courses with the same teacher and the same book. Such as Basic Math and Intermediate Math and/ or Pre-College Algebra.
they are all still 1 semester class each.

Bernice Said:

i am a 60y.o seeking a clerical position in new york area i have some computer skills 20yrs exper. please help

We Answered:

Why are you posting your resume? What is your question?

Clifford Said:

Can someone explain the American education system to me please?

We Answered:

I definitely agree that you can't judge by movies. Hollywood films do not portray America very well. Haha, like not realistic at All! :)

I will start with our education setup
Preschool and kindergarten range from 3-6 and that is where the kids learn the basics like what the alphabet is and colors.
Then Elementary school is grades 1-6 going from age 6-12/13.
Middle School or Junior High (it depends which town you're in) is comprised of grades 7 and 8. That is age 13-15.
Then High School which is grades 9-12 and ages 15-18.
All of those make up our Primary Education (elementary and younger) and Secondary education (Junior high and high school).

Then you can go onto college where you can get an Associates Degree in 2 years, a Bachelors in 4 years, and then a Masters and a Ph.D. For all public schools uniforms are not required.

Additionally, a grade point average or (GPA as it is known in the States) is the average of your marks. If you recieved mainly As and Bs in your class, you would have a 3.0-4.0 GPA. GPA is based on a 4 point scale. So, the GPA is the average of every final grade you got in each class during high school. GPAs are important to get into Universities and Colleges as most institutions have GPA requirements.

In the US Universities and Colleges are basically the same thing although colleges tend to be smaller.
You need to "pass" a grade because if you failed all of the classes in that grade, that doesn't mean you are ready to move up to the next year even though you are a year older. You still haven't done the work. So "passing" means getting above a 60% in the class.

In high school there really are jocks, nerds, preps...but most schools the cool girls aren't actually the cheerleaders, they are usually the volleyball players or basketball or soccer. And, keep in mind, while these groups (cliques) exist, they aren't anything like what the movies portray them as. People from the different groups mix and mingle. There isn't as much back stabbing and cruelty towards other groups. Schools generally are a lot more relaxed in demeanor.

And I don't have a real answer for the Sports question. Sports are important in high school because scouts from colleges and universities come to recruit. If a highschool athlete is recruited, often much of the college tuition is paid for.
Sports are just a huge part of life here in the States.

Oh, and for financing college, most people take out loans or pay for themselves, but there are a ton of scholarships people apply for and the government also helps people with less money out.
I hope this all helps, and if you have more questions, send me an email through Y!A. I would be glad to respond. All the best!

Enrique Said:

What is the reason for requirements like calculus, art, etc for graduation from high school?

We Answered:

Here's something to consider. Not all 15 year olds know what they want to do with the rest of their lives. Exposing them to a variety of subjects will open their horizons. Also, it's highly unlikely that you will do only one task in one job for your entire working career and family life. You will need to be able to juggle multiple tasks and utilize multiple skills throughout your life. And if you aren't going to bother learning that in high school, how will you succeed throughout the rest of your life?

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