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Vocational And Education Training

Gail Said:

How to improve education in the American school system?

We Answered:

Where on Earth did these ideas come from?

None of them are likely to improve the educational system in the United States.

What would work, is to have students take responsibility for their learning, and not blame teachers all the time. Increase discipline in the classrooms and you would reduce the lost teaching time we spend writing up students for infractions. Have parent attend school with their students who fail a class, for an entire week!

#1 won't work, employers are already complaining high school graduates cannot fill out employment forms, have little work ethic, and poor general knowledge.

# 2 won't work, who would want to do all the work on the books, and keep them updated?
Lots of textbooks are available on CDs etc. now, if the school opts for them.

#3 standardized learning does not work, we, as teachers, have the duty to monitor and adjust daily to our students learning styles, current level of understanding, and ability levels. That cannot be done online. Sometimes students need different modifications, on a daily basis in one of my classes.
# 3 is

Antonio Said:

School, Business, Vocational, or other training?

We Answered:

Did you graduate from trade school or college? Thats basically what they are asking.

Elsie Said:

?lying do you politely call them aside?

We Answered:

You have to be very careful in the classroom. You do not want to discredit her in front of the group. You are training this person and you need to make sure that she is doing a good job, but if you discredit her she will never have a chance with the kids.

Wait until after the class and explain to her what she did and why it was wrong. Give her suggestions on how to handle it next time. If it is possible, give her suggestions on how to make it right in the next class.

If it is absolutely horrid and you need her to stop right away then make a signal or something. When you do this then she will know that she is crossing a line and needs to stop. If she continues to act this way you will have a say in her evaluation.

Jose Said:

VET nursing course perth?

We Answered:

If you take off one day a week you will no longer be eligible to do the subjects in year 12 that will get you into university. You will need a uni degree to become a registered nurse. If you are only interested in an Enrolled nurse that is a TAFE course.

Clifton Said:

i think im not coping?

We Answered:

your wearing out. need rest and good diet.

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A good education is worth investing for future. To get some perspective on what a quality learning experience could look like and how we can turn the vision into reality. You wont get more great schools until you get more clarity around the ultimate purpose of schooling. At an ideal school, adults understand that their mission is to help children grow not just cognitively but also socaially, emotionally, ethically and physically. We cannot address all those different developmental needs of children until you store some balance to what you value.

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Vocational education and learning job abilities. From being on time to the abilities needed to do the job. Organizing, related, splitting, keeping track of, alphabetizing, operating special devices, interacting with others and etc.

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I am Ph.D student and my profession is teaching and I love to teach people because it is my hobby and I feel really good by giving education training to learners.

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Standardized learning doesn't work, we, as academics, have the duty to watch and regulate daily to our students learning designs, current level of understanding, and skill levels.

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