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Vocational And Education

Gail Said:

Income tax return. Can I write off work uniforms and Vocational education expenses in Canada?

We Answered:

Uniforms in relation to employment expenses, you cannot claim them. If you look in the employment expenses guide, it states this clearly. In regards to tuition expenses, uniforms cannot be claimed. However, tuition expenses can be claimed on line 323. The general rule is that it must be a post-secondary school that is able to fill out a T2202A. However, there are exceptions and if you are unsure, call CRA at 1-800-959-8281, and they can look up the school for you.

Joseph Said:

What is an Occupational/Vocational Education Program?

We Answered:

Occupational/Vocational Education Program is specifically designed to educate, train you for the career/job in which you are pursuing. For example: auto tech attend an school that allows the student to have class on the equipment in which they will use everyday on their jobs. Usually these programs are designed to earn an Associates of Art or Science. If you are serious about being a Pharmacy tech, it would really benefit you to enroll in such a program.

Another benefit to these programs, they have job placement and some offer internships as well. It is a wise to do these.


Crystal Said:

What's the difference between professional and vocational education?

We Answered:

Professional education is university education, requiring 4 to 12 years of intense full-time classes. Vocational education, from a junior college, private trade school, or adult school, often leads to a certificate or associate degree. Professional training includes bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees.

Tiffany Said:

Should the United States adopt a career path or vocational education system?

We Answered:

A more Tech approach to education would be our downfall, as today's computers will not be the computers of tomorrow, so rather than teaching specific skills that have a shelf life, schools have to have a traditional Liberal Arts educational style, so students can learn to think, in that way when the future changes come (and they always have, someone with thier BS in Computers in 1979 didn't even learn about the internet, yet they're still working in the field because they're in their 50s) our workers will be prepared to understand the world and be able to find a place in it.…

Jacqueline Said:

What is a "vocational education program"?

We Answered:

try to check on…

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