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Vocational Education And Training Policies

Phillip Said:

How can school children help in spreading awareness about Child Labour?

We Answered:

In India child labours was getting minimized but still for many reasons they are getting into the jobs

1) Education was not entering in their minds
2) Family problems
3) Economic Problems
4) Can't satisfying for their needs

so it was biggest here the child labour is the biggest thing., simply we can say that we will became as a Doctor, Engineer, Lawyer and etc.,

But actual problem is this for that the two types of education must there
1) Easy education 2) Virtual education
Easy education: From their own lives what can they understanding is important. Like cow gives milk., from that milk we can go to Co-operative society, they will give the money from that money., we has to save, and feed the family, as well as cow, its health like that we has to improvise the education

2) Virtual education: Educationing via radio, TV, is important but that would some times updated and etc.,

Still we has to understand their problems and then we has to enter to the showroom.

and CSR (Corporate social responsibility) is invitable and welcomed ., WIPRO, TATA so big companies are helping this CSR. This can understands the child labour problems now they will take necessary steps.

Jaihind - JJ

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It is seen that most of countries that want to generate skilled labor in their country, they are adopting vocational education and training system.

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