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Vocational Education Centre

Gregory Said:

Do illegal aliens add to Virginia's coffers?

We Answered:

Casa de Maryland is a worthless racially motivated group, there are groups fighting against this travesty. and this is just one state and they claim illegals are not costing the taxpayers, Stevie Wonder could see that they do.

Myrtle Said:

How could I possibly pay for a LPN tuition?

We Answered:

Talk to your HR Rep once you start. They usually require you be there full time for a t least 6 months then they will help with loans.

Mathew Said:

I see the following Atheists answers posted pretty often so can you answer me this?

We Answered:

The Bible consistently uses the Hebrew word chwug (circle) to refer to the Earth. Circles are, of course, flat. Some have suggested that this is because therre was no Heberew word for sphere or ball. This is simply not true, as evidenced in the Bible itself. Isaiah 22:18 clearly states "He will surely violently turn and toss thee like a BALL (duwr) into a large country."

As for the idea that we all consider these ancient peoples "dumb" for believing in a flat Earth, this is simply not the case. They did the best with what little evidence they had. The Egyptians believed that the sun was a flaming ball of feces being pushed around by a dung beetle, but they were by no means stupid. The pre-modern Chinese believed that foxes could turn into people and touching funeral workers would bring a curse on you, yet they invented clockwork and the printing press.

Intelligent people can be wrong on some things while right on others. It's a fact of life, and stating otherwise seems to me a gross oversimplification and insult to those ancient peoples. To say that because they were right about some things means they were right about all things is similarly a gross and insulting oversimplification.

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