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Vocational Education Certification

Jerry Said:

Is a bachelors degree worth more than certifications when searching for a job in the computer industry?

We Answered:

There are lots of good reasons to get a degree, both personal and professional. In the eyes of some employers, a completed four-year degree shows that you can finish what you start. It gives them an idea of your dedication and work ethic.

However, this is IT, one of the most constantly changing industries there is. Keeping up with technology is important, and certifications demonstrate that.

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There is a very positive competition among all the class fellows. They want get good grades and top the class. Their efforts make them a very good individual who can work well under pressure situations.

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There is only value of experience because organization prefer experience more then a degree .

assignment for me said:

There are loads of good motivations to get a degree, both individual and expert. According to a few bosses, a finished four-year degree demonstrates that you can complete what you begin

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I totally agree on your point, but in my eyes after completion of degree the practical experience matters alot.

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Indian Army said:

Yes, bachelors degree worth more than certifications while searching for jobs. Degree always provides a good impression than certifications. Course certificates along with bachelor degree have a good priority. The discussion given here helps me a lot to know about this.

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Yeah of course a bachelor degree is worth more than any certifications. Now even for a small office job, a bachelor degree is the basic need to apply for the job. Only in the case of special certified job, these certification courses can help us in getting a job.

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There are loads of good motivations to get a degree

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I have seen a lot of people get job without a certification. in fact the ratio of people with a bachelors degree getting a job is more than that of the people with a certification and no bachelors degree.

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n the eyes of some employers, a completed four-year degree shows that you can finish what you start.

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