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Vocational Education Curriculum

Juan Said:

Can you take a quick look at this and maybe guide me to decide about this written work of mine?

We Answered:

It is structured well but the statistics seem dubious.

Lena Said:

Why would someone missrepresent another occupation?

We Answered:

Is he really misrepresenting your occupation though? What exactly has he said that is incorrect about your occupation? In the UK, Osteopathy ISN'T a front line health care profession. It does not matter how much you whine about it, Lightning, it won't change that fact.

To be blunt, the only person demonstrating his insecurity is you- by basically posting this question. If you're happy, who cares what other people think?

You're in the firing line because 1. you make claims you cannot justify 2. you claim your "profession" is something it isn't.

Stop whining.

Earl Said:

Please let me know what you think of these suggestions to Indian school education? Ideas are welcome?

We Answered:

The experience very important to answer this question.I think you should wealthiness to have a good education in India.

Irma Said:

Why do UK Osteopathy Schools Have Such Shockingly Low Standards?

We Answered:

Its typically for those can't handle real medical school. Wanna-be doctors and I wouldn't trust one to ever care for any of my loved ones. I'll take a real doctor, thank you.

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Vocational education curriculum and the study regarding the topic should be developed for the benefits of the people. The students should study more in order to build their career.

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Numerous students currently are sometimes dropping away from high school or vaocational trainings perhaps are just not really going to university mainly because they cannot learn the pros and cons

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To tell the truth there are many schools that have such shockingly low standards. Kids are unmotivated to study and skip lessons because that is not interesting for them, boring. They’d rather play computer games.

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