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Vocational Education Funding

Peggy Said:

what are positive and negative things about college prepratory education?

We Answered:

It's now trendy to take college prep--the idea is that college graduates make more money, so if everyone graduates from college, everyone will make more money. They don't consider that the number of higher-paying jobs remains about the same, so more people will be disappointed, with bills.
College prep is fun. Teaches you to think in different ways. Helps you get into college. Just doesn't give you any work skills in the meantime.

Daniel Said:

How to fund raising for a NGO in Sri Lanka working for poor community in Rural areas specially for pupils?

We Answered:

Write to Dehamanya Lalith Kothalawala, Soma Edirisinghe and such famous social workers

Cory Said:

should i go for Lvn or Respiratory therapist?

We Answered:

Depending on where you choose to work, being in both fields provide you with a significant amount of opportunities in life. You may want to consider being a RN now that most hospitals are heading toward achieving a "magnet" status. With a magnet status, hospitals are encouraging their LVN's to go back to school and get their RN degree. Haven been a RN for about eleven years, I have found more opportunities for growth and have been able to make enough money to be able to pay off all of my major loans including school loans. I'd ask that you try researching which one of the professions would pay you enough to be able to pay off your loan the fastest. My other advise is based on a personal conviction that either of these two professions should only be entered into as long as you believe it is your calling. All in all, consider the cost/benefit of both professions, and how long you plan on working before retirement. Since you are on a tight budget, why not stay close to home and plan on making yourself as marketable as possible in order to make the most money to allow repayment of your school loans.

Emily Said:

should the government fund only for vocational education?

We Answered:

All school two thumbs up on that one.

Joseph Said:

Sociology Help Needed!!!?

We Answered:

A, A, B, B, D

Hey, I hope you're only checking your answers and NOT having us do your homework? Hmm...

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