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Vocational Education In Europe

Miguel Said:

Needing opinions on US policy!?

We Answered:

adoptions - No

alternate education - No, the Federal guberment needs to get out of education. The government monopoly on education should be eliminated.

NASA, No, an agency without a purpose. Like a fool with a rented tux and rented limo and no where to go.

elementary school - No - Why not put local school boards back in charge of the education of their kids. See above.

Missles in Europe, No. We should also get out of NATO just as NASA another organization with nothing to do but waste money.

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Vocational Education is important for those understudies who don't have higher degree. Vocational institute give opportunity to come and take in a few abilities which help to procure nice looking cash to life glad life. Without abilities or higher degree, it's extremely difficult to live. Along these lines, we ought to get most extreme advantages from vocational education.