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Vocational Education In High School

Pauline Said:

No GED or High-School-Diploma?

We Answered:

Only CTC can tell you for sure, and I think you should check with them, but my guess is that they will let you enroll. If it were a 4-year university, they would probably not let you in, but if you are seen as having the equivalent of a vocational school diploma, then most community colleges would let you in.

Rhonda Said:

Survey for upperclassmen high schoolers?

We Answered:

. Are you taking three or more AP classes?
No have one

2. What is the highest level of education of either one of your parents? (pick the parent with higher education)
High school

3. On average, what grades do you earn in your classes?
A's, B's,

4. Would you say you enjoy school?
Yes friends take mind of things

5. What level of education would you want to peruse after high school?
4 year college Graduate training in IT (i heard IT has a lot of career opportunities with a lot of money, no joke search it up)

6. Which of the following best represents your parents' income?
Less than $25,000 maybe just a lil more best at 30 g's

7. How many hours do you spend studying per day?
None , less than 1 hour but if theres a test or something i study hard and if my grades start to drop

8. It is shown that AP students have higher incomes in the future, would you consider taking an AP class?
already have one, dont need any more... i think college is where it really counts... highschool just keep your grades up to A's, B's arent bad either

9. what is your ethnicity?
Middle Eastern

10. How many classes are you taking this semester?
full schedule of 7 classes buddy

Jeanne Said:

where can i both study and work to afford my education around world?

We Answered:

The lowest cost option for you would be to study online ( correspondence or distance mode). Many countries such as the UK, Australia, Canada and the USA offer recognized online degrees, and psychology is definitely one of the degrees that can be easily studied online.

With online degrees offered in the USA, be careful that the university offering the degree is regionally accredited. Practically all universities based in the UK, Canada and Australia are legitimate universities offering worldwide recognized degrees online.

I am currently studying engineering and law online ( at an Australian university) and I have completed a BS online through a college in the USA, and many of the students in my classes are located abroad, so it is an option that suits many. You save huge amounts by living in your own country and it leaves you time to work full time if you wish.

If you want more information about what it is like studying online, message me.

Hope this helps.

Carmen Said:

Is this chick too artistic for me?

We Answered:

I consider myself a fairly creative person and by far a right brained person so I'm absentminded and daydream all the time, but I can say that in the future I would consider any woman whether she is artsy or not. I actually have a very strong relationship with my brother, easily my best friend even though he is five years younger than me. What is odd about our relationship is that he is the complete opposite of me. He is a realist and left brain thinker (i'm an architecture student, he's an engineering student). But what makes our relationship work is that I am always in the clouds and real imaginative but he keeps me grounded so to speak. He keeps me in check and brings me back to reality. Honestly though, I don't know how he can put up with me but he does and we are best of friends. So because of this relationship, I could see myself having a non "artistic" wife for that reason as well.

Susan Said:

survey for upperclassmen high schoolers?

We Answered:

1) Yes, 4 APs + 2 College Courses
2) Some masters work for Mom, Bachelors for both
3) A's
4) Yes!
5) PhD.
6) idk... prob. 75-100
7) 4+
8) already taking 4
9) Caucasian
10) 8 (including Gym and 2 classes at local University)

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