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Vocational Education Middle School

Lloyd Said:

I'm stuck right now and not sure about my future?

We Answered:

The counselor is probably still overwhelmed with appointments and such because of the new semester. When I went to visit mine in person, I had to wait three hours to speak to her *there was a HUGE line!*

I really feel it is best that you get a GED. Otherwise, you will never be able to get a job. Every job in the US requires a HS diploma or a GED. Education is very important and I hate to see you haven't really given it a chance.

I'm not here to judge you, however, because I've been in your shoes. I dropped out of high school in the 11th grade because I was frustrated with math. I just plainly gave up on myself. Thankfully, my parents pushed me to go back to school. I did go back and I was able to catch up and graduate with my class.

I'm sorry that you have social anxiety problems; bullies can be such a pain. If your anxiety is really extreme, maybe you should see a professional to help you. Please don't take offense with my suggestion, but honestly psychology isn't a terrible thing. By your post, I can tell that you are a bright individual with potential. I'd hate to see such potential be totally wasted.

Good luck with life, friend.

Hilda Said:

I'm not sure what to do about my future? I dropped out of school last year? I'm worried i'll be a bum!?

We Answered:

You had anxiety while watching the video of your school because you feared that those who are watching would think you are not good enough.

If you want to conquer your fears you have to face them.More then once if necessary until the fear is no more.There is no magic pill to remove anxiety or fear of inadequacy.

You are one of many who fears inadequacy and you are certainly not the only one who was/is abused by those who are trying to hide their own inadequacies.If you think you are a bum or fear you will be a bum you will be.You must face your fears because they hold you back.

You can build your self esteem by working on your strenghts and weaknesses.By winning.

Where theres a will theres a way.You will find work as a mechanic or whatever you want only if you always keep the thought in mind.

The universe grants everything you want and that which you do not want.You only need to have it in mind.

I never liked school myself.I always thought of it as a prison with forced labor.No freedom.

I believe anyone can be anything they want even without school education.They can be self taught.

You can buy literature about car mechanics and learn by yourself and visit one of the repair shops and ask them to give you a chance to show your talents because i am sure you have them.You only need a chance to use it even if you do not have sufficient schooling.

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