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Vocational Education Program

Brad Said:

What changes do you feel are needed in are educational system?

We Answered:

My kid is in elementary school. I think that #1 - the incentives for teachers to earn merit-based rewards would really help. I respect the teaching profession but I find that many public school teachers let too many things go and our children are traumatized whether they are above average student to a child that needs addtional help. (Geniuses aside who are over-rewarded and traumatized much later, but still traumatized).

I think #2 would help if we empower parents to a degree and offer assistance to families with single parents, both parents working and if only 1 parent is earning, and all other scenarios.

I'm not sure if #3 would work, That would require a lot of change in the way the children are taught in the US - and children learn in different ways and different times so that might be hard. We may end up putting so much pressure on our kids that we would regret it. Also, I think that would lead to limitations on the child to fit into a particular vocational learning. I think that the future needs to be guided, not pre-defined.

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My kid is in elementary school. I think that #1 - the incentives for teachers to earn merit-based rewards would really help.

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