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Vocational Education Pros And Cons

Crystal Said:

Vocational Education- pros and cons?

We Answered:

The three main advantages of vocational education, according to federal office that oversees it, relate to (1) Adult Education and Literacy, (2) Career and Technical Education, and (3) Community College Education. For many students, VE is provides another opportunity to learn to read effectively. For many students, VE is the means for a better paying job, when academic college majors are not immediate options. By strengthening individuals school success and financial stability, VE often provides a springboard into formal professional options by taking other community college classes and transferring to a university. Without vocational education, many students with disabilities and poor economic backgrounds would be stuck in minimum-wage jobs and never have the option of advancing to higher education.

One of the main pitfalls of vocational education is the ease to "track" students away from routes to diplomas and degrees. This often sells short students that would benefit from extra help or support. Another con is the cost. The counter argument is that all education has an upfront cost that is recouped several times throughout the lifetime of its educated citizens in the form of increased taxes, a competitive labor force, and reduction in crime and welfare.

Neil Said:

Vocational Education- pros and cons?

We Answered:

You've asked this question at least 3 times that I have seen. This is a violation of the site rules and could be reported. The "extra" questions will be removed from the site.

You may not get a lot of response because it is hard to understand the question. There needs to be more "context" to the question. I could answer in several ways depending on what your situation is, why the question is being asked, etc.

There are many jobs in our society that require specialized training. Practical training in the tasks performed by people in these jobs. A vocational education does that - provides practical, "hands on" training. It also ensures that the people entering these fields meet the needs of the industry in which they will work.

There is some debate about the amount of general education needed by those entering fields such as welding, firefighting, fashion merchandising, cooking/baking, cosmetology, etc. Some would say that in order for a democratic society to thrive everyone needs some basic understanding of the world around them (government, communication skills, critical thinking, etc).

If for example, you have been given this question as a homework assignment, and you're having trouble thinking it through and writing down your thoughts, this would indicate that you need more education not simply training for a practical skill.

Most vocational education in the United States takes place at community colleges. Community colleges were set up originally to meet the demand of businesses in their community that needed skilled workers. Today, they still do that and in addition prepare students to transfer to universities. If you explore some community college websites you may get other ideas about the kind of vocational education going on in different parts of the country.

Directory of Community colleges in the U.S.…

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Vocational educations has more cons than pros. I mean it is actually meant for those who are struggling and people who have done vocational education find it hard to get into a good college or land in a good job.

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