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Vocational Education Training

Ana Said:

How much in cash aid and food stamps do people with no dependents and unemployable (not disabled) receive?.?

We Answered:

You mean General Assistance, you get 110.00 if you're not paying rent, 336.00 if you're paying rent if you live in California. The education I'm not sure about because I went straight for the pell grants. Ohhhh, I get about 100 in food stamps.

Emma Said:

What do you think of this Bill of Rights?

We Answered:

Well. You ought to read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. It has a lot of the same philosophies and it's a good read. Although, I don't know if everyone can do what you are asking of them. Also, I think Article X is ridiculous. We're supposed to be the melting pot. That means everyone is welcome. I also disagree with Article V. Great Britain has health care and they are doing much better economically than the USA. Article IV is controversial, but aren't the others? If you refuse to help anyone, you may find a time when you get treated unfairly, or learn of someone who has been treated unfairly. It's not our job to help those who won't help themselves, but we can do something for those who have tried but need extra guidance. Article VIII contradicts Article IV, unless you plan to help people on a whim, not fact. Otherwise, I suppose I agree. Although, I think it is a bit pointless. A government based on the principal of no rules has even less of a chance than one based on corrupt rules. Even though your Bill of Rights isn't a no-rule policy, it is dangerously close.

Rosa Said:

please suggest a good catchy short name for a charity organisation, funding is already available.?

We Answered:

ready to help u

Ryan Said:

Will the No Child Left Behind act further ruin American education?

We Answered:

I agree that the 'No Child Left Behind' act is ruining American education. I, personally, think it's a bad rule and that because of it the smarter kids are bored. I'm in school right now and I'm one of the smartest ones and this rule is making school a drag for me because we have to keep learning it all over, even if only one person doesn't know it. This act is making the smart kids, who will one day contribute the most to society, want to or drop out of school.

Heidi Said:

Some AP US history questions that i cannot find.?

We Answered:

"practical curriculum" = vocational education
entertainment in the US. a big business

soup kitchens sprang up?

The Triangle Shirt Factory fire - not just no fire escape, doors were locked to prevent employees leaving.

Nicholas Said:

Does Social msecurity offer Education Benefits?

We Answered:

Actually they do , it's a different branch of the department of Social Security called the Rehabilitation Services Administration . They can provide the help you need in this area . I received help from them for this very same thing , applying for college and receiving tuition help and guidance throughout the process . I've provided a link below and expect if you look in your phone book there should be a branch of the RSA in your area . Good luck !

Roland Said:

Why do criminals whine about being in prison even when they are guilty of the crime?

We Answered:

They committed a crime and you expect them to be honorable? They do this stuff to screw with "the system". The government pays for all this, so thye try to get everything they can from the government. I've heard stories about how they sue the state because they got a broken cookie at dinner. They don't win, but the state has to spend money processing it.

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