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Vocational Education Uk

Jesse Said:

I need advices for moving to UK from singapore?

We Answered:

Beware of the weather.

Barry Said:

The peoples party, do you want to join? UK only?

We Answered:

some sensible words there my friend but some not quite achievable.
i like the national service bit though and believe that would give the youth of the country some direction and a bit of discipline. not to mention that our armed forces would always be up to strength. Pledging allegiance to our queen is good too but the pension bit is probably a bit iffy as we have immigrants that have been here for donkeys years and they are entitled to a pension too.
the problem we have is that we are confusing all immigrants with asylum seekers. take the polish as an example. they have been here since the second world war, added to our economy, worked hard and integrated properly. they have a nice way about them and they are real grafters. how do we deny them a pension? you get out what you put in is fair and perhaps pensions as they are now, should be paid on an individual basis depending on what you have put in?

Jerry Said:

Education in England?

We Answered:

1. Yes there are. The best state schools are very good. The very best non-state schools are among the best in the world (some would say THE best in the world). Curiously non-state schools used to be called 'public schools' which is very confusing! They are still someties called public schools, but their proper name is 'independent schools'

2, After school in England there used to be universities (for academic studies) and polytechnics (for vocational studies). they are all called universities now, although theyare still the same organisations. Or of course students can leave education at 16 or 18 and get a job, and many do.

3. As a foreign student you would normally have to pay the full cost of any education here. It is likely to be expensive - 20,000 pounds or possibly more.

Judy Said:

As an American citizen can I become a barrister in England provided I finish all the education requirements?

We Answered:

There's no citizenship requirements to practice law in the UK, just the appropriate qualifications.

Assuming you pass the bar exam and have studied the relevant area of british law that you wish to work in, you'll be good to go before you even take on british citizenship.

Greg Said:

Do you think that education (in the UK) should be compulsory until the age of 18?

We Answered:

I believe that education is by far taken for granted in Britain. I agree that education should be compulsory until 18 as I believe at the tender age of 16 is still considered an adolescent in making executive decisions in a career path. Had I off known that education played a major part in my future job, I would off seriously considered A- Levels and not a NVQ in Beauty therapy & hairdressing. Maybe, just maybe it might lower the population in teenage pregnancy. Then again the sort off National Cirriculam subjects taought at school is not diverse enough to allow students to discover opportunities that awaits them to expand their knowledge in a particular field off interest which determines their future.

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The best state schools are great. The absolute best non-state schools are among the best on the planet (some would say THE best on the planet. Inquisitively non-state schools used to be called 'government funded schools' which is extremely befuddling.

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