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Vocational Rehabilitation Education

Tony Said:

why did everyone thought I should go to trade school?

We Answered:

The American Dream. aaaaggghhhh

Antonio Said:

Will Veterans Affairs Canada pay for my Education?

We Answered:

Hello from the daughter of a deceased Canadian Army veteran in the USA. I tried to find some information for you on the Veterans Affairs Canada web pages with no luck.

Personally, if you have a counselor with the VA with whom you have already spoken (even if it is on another matter), I would telephone him/her and pose your question. If he/she can't answer your quetion/s, then ask to be directed to the right department.

Here's hoping someone more familiar with the issues, in Canada, will respond to your questions.

Best wishes from the daughter of a RHLI veteran.

Maureen Said:

How can I get the military to pay for my law degree?

We Answered:

Chaper 31 pays 48 months of benefits, so you will use all of your GI Bill benefits up. There is no way you can receive any more benfits after you use 48 months.

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