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Vocational School Programs

Erika Said:

Does Vocational School help or hurt you when it comes to college?

We Answered:

Academic electives, such as a second or third foreign language, would be more helpful for college admission.

Julian Said:

What is the point of a cosmetology high school vocational program?

We Answered:

it gives you a career opportunity when you get out of high school if your not going to college you have experience in something

not really...its giving kids something fun to do in school other than learn about stuff that we dont need when we get out of school..and its not saying dont go to college...its a fall back if you try to do something you and you fail at it you always have that license to do hair..its not minimum wage they actually make really good money in the right places..

Jeffery Said:

Which is better? Community college or a 10 month program at a vocational school?

We Answered:

Go to a community college - make sure it is reputable and that the credits will transfer if you choose to go on to a 4 year school.

You will have more options in your life if you go this route.

From the way you asked your question, you seem to be thoughtful and want to go to school.

Pick up the phone for your nearest community college and setup a time to speak with a couselor there - they will help you with studies/financial arrangements, etc.

Good LucK!

Morris Said:

I am going to vocational school for 3 years for aviation, will this help me join the air force at all?

We Answered:

forget the airforce, there no respect for them, join the USMC or U.S.Army, the army has a great avation field where ur treated like ur in the AirForce but ur in the Army

Jeanne Said:

what programs of study can i take at a vocational school that Pell will qualify for and I get the funds!?

We Answered:

Pell Grants are based on "financial need", not on a "course of study".

As a former teacher, I can tell you I had many students who applied, and received, Pell Grants without declaring a "program of study".

With the cost of tuition rising every semester, I wouldn't count on having "extra cash" from a Pell Grant.

If you are one of those people who are attempting to "make money" from going to college, I hope you won't ever be working in my community!

Ricky Said:

What are some vocational programs? Anything from a boarding school setting to online classes.?

We Answered:

As I know, this site has top listing of such college courses online -

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