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Vocational School Training

Stacey Said:

Is a vocational high school similar to a normal high school?

We Answered:

In the district where I work, the vocational high schools are a regular high school. That means the student receives the same diploma as others do. In addition, they receive a technical certificate for the area they have studied. In effect, they are completing their 4 years of high school and 1 1/2 years (or so) of technical school at the same time. It is an especially good option for the students who may be slightly older because of being held back. Even college bound students chose this option occasionally. I know one young man who was planning on going to medical school to become an ER doctor. He went to the tech school in their EMT program. He was able to work as an EMT(on an ambulance) while in college. That gave him much more experience than his fellow med school students. Plus, he was able to earn decent money while in college and didn't have to work at the mall like most college kids do!

Lena Said:

How hard is it to get into college as a high school grad with less than a 3.0 grade pt. avg.?

We Answered:

Haha you and I have the same thing going on man! I also was a graduate of high school in 2007 and went to votech for dental assistant. I will be honest about my situation... my G.P.A was the same as yours and I applied at a school I wanted to get into and got turned down just today. My advice to you is to start out with your basics at a community college. That's what i am resulting to at the moment. Anyway, try to raise your g.p.a at that school and take your major at a nicer school if you wish later on. So sad what this economy has come to. But good luck!

PE2008- if it's something he is passionate about it shouldn't matter. he can be an instructer. It pisses me off that everyone has to resort to what's in "high demand" right now. I know it pays more and is more secure but would you rather do something you love or drudge though your life doing something that's "in"?

Roy Said:

What's the best way to get IT training with attending school?

We Answered:

read, ask and do.
if u want to work in this line - u need certification.
Learning on your own is the easiest but u need to ask people when u r stuch and read up a lot.

u can email me at anytime if u need any help on computer matters.

I very much was like u when i first started with computers, i learn alot on my own, ask people, read, and attended courses later to get certification - papers are very important.

Darlene Said:

vocational skill or job training that would be good for someone who went all through school in special needs?

We Answered:

There are about three avenues that she could take in order to succeed in the general work and world.

1) Contact her local vocational counsellor office for people with disabilities.

2) Contact her local college or institution and ask for access programs for people with learning disabilities. These programs will teach them basic life skills, and also will provide work experience for them so that they are able to get their jobs.

3) Inquire about disability pension for her.

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