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Vocational Schools Ca

Danielle Said:

Is there financial aid, grants or scholarships available for a vocational school (film school specifically)?

We Answered:

Yes there is at some schools. You must go to there financial aid office and see what they offer. Most licensed schools offer a program to help you fund your educating. The problem is if they fiance it you will have to pay it back or they will direct you to a student loan company, but you will have to pay it back. If you get fafsa from the government you do not have to pay it back. At a private school they will apply fafsa to your tuition and pay for your books you may need a student loan to help assist you in paying the full amount of the cost of the school. I suggest to shop around until you find a school that has fafsa. Do not fall in to debt for your education if you shop around you will find many programs that will work for you
Good Luck

Carmen Said:

Is there a website that can I can look at to view laws on picketing in the state of CA?

We Answered:

call the lapd directly. since if they are going to pick you up if you're breaking the law.. but as i recall, isn't there an amendment that allows you to protest and picket? Yes I think there is.... it's the first one "freedom of speech!

anyway before they haul you off to jail, they will tell you to disperse first.

Shannon Said:

About Vocational school & The culinary institute of America!!!?

We Answered:

The vocational schools go by county...and go to Culinary Institute of America its the top culinary college in america and known world wide

Antonio Said:

Which will look better to employers, Community College or Vocational School?

We Answered:

Call potential employers and ask what they think. Call some high end restaurants in town. If one is private, I would be suspicious. A lot of tech schools are all about getting your tuition check and not about teaching. They also charge a lot more. Specialty culinary schools can be different, but a tech school with a culinary program is probably not the best choice.

Ask for their placement rates and where their graduates are working. (In other words, how many of them are working in the field and what kind of places. McDs or a high end place.)

Irma Said:

What college or vocational school to attend for a Computer Network System Administrator degree?

We Answered:

Get your degree at a state college. Get your certifications. Get a job....

Andrea Said:

where can i get a nursing assistant certificate in oceanside ca?

We Answered:

Then you'll need a nursing assistant certificate. I'm not sure if you can do the course online.

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Sorrento`s Pizza said:

Not all tech school with a culinary programs are bad. There are some good programs that gives you the skills to saute, decorate cakes, carve chocolate, design menus, prepare banquets, and cater large events.

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