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Vocational Schools In Atlanta

Daniel Said:

What does it take to be a Pet Groomer?

We Answered:

Unfortunately, you don't need a licence or permit, other than a regular business licence as required by your jurisdiction. That's why there are so many really crappy groomers out there. YOU could open up as a dog groomer tomorrow with no training at all - whether your clients would come back for a second groom is another matter.

PetSmart will do their own training usually, so she doesn't need any experience for that.

If she wants to be a GOOD groomer, she should approach the best groomers in the area about the possibility of working in exchange for training. The fact that she's already been at it for 6 weeks and wants to continue will count in her favor. Or if she does the Petsmart training (and fulfills her work obligations after that) then she can look at training with a really good groomer (most Petsmart groomers are not that good, it tends to be the bottom step on the grooming career ladder). The more training/experience she has, the more willing a good groomer will be to invest time in her.

Mathew Said:

What are some good schools in Atlanta that offer an Ultrasound Technician Program?

We Answered:

You need to go through a program that's CAAHEP accredited for Diagnostic Medical Sonography. This accreditation is specific to the ultrasound program, not the school. There are only 2 accr'd programs in Atlanta: Sanford Brown and Grady Memorial Hospital. The one at Grady is only open to people with a prior degree. Sanford Brown is a "trade" school where they charge lots of money, and don't have the greatest reputation in the ultrasound community. However, there are 4 other accr'd programs outside of Atlanta. Here's the link to see all of them:…

Paula Said:

College advise please.?

We Answered:

Google the field that you are interested in along with the salary. example, doctor salary


Lydia Said:

What are some good schools in Atlanta that offer an Ultrasound Technician Program?

We Answered:

There are really only 2 accredited Diagnostic Medical Sonography programs in Atlanta - Sanford Brown and Grady Hospital. SB is a "trade" school, they charge tons of money, and honestly do not have a great reputation in the ultrasound community. Grady's program is only open to those with a prior degree, in something like Rad Tech.

There are 4 others in GA, outside of Atlanta:
Georgia Northwestern Technical College in Rome
Athens Technical College - Athens
Medical College of Ga - Augusta
Ogeechee Technical College - Statesboro

Here's the link to accr'd programs:…

Vernon Said:

what college should i chose?

We Answered:

Go to London.
Your boyfriend, although it's tough to wait, should respect your decision of gaining an education.
Are you worried he won't be there when you get back?

In my eyes, that shouldn't happen. And if it does, maybe it was for the better.

Don't base your decision off of answers solely on here though. Make a pros and cons list, then decide.

Don't just get a job though. College is a great way to spend 4 years of your life.

help me now?…

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