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Vocational Schools In Florida

Erik Said:

I am planning to move to Florida next year but I'm terrible at planning help?

We Answered:

You need a job first, then apt. Take your car with you. There are many sites online with helpful hintsBefore The Move

Before the move, contact the Florida utility companies you will be using. Have your current account numbers, as well as name, address and phone number of current utility companies handy. This current information may save you hundreds of dollars in deposits but every utility has different standards.

Have a set date to turn on all your utilities, at least 2 days before you plan on moving in. Having the electric on the day before the move will cool the house for you. It is suggested the house be cleaned from top to bottom while empty. If the air conditioning has been off for only two weeks, you are likely to find mold and mildew. If you plan on cleaning the house yourself, a mixture of soap with bleach will kill mold. After your home has been cleaned, it is recommended to have at least a one-time pest control treatment, especially if the home has been vacant.

Make sure at least one day has elapsed from the time of the treatment until your move, this will protect you, your family and pets. If you are buying the home, you will most likely have homeowners and flood insurance, where necessary. If you are renting, please take the time to insure your personal property, as it will not be covered under the landlords' own insurance.

After The Move

Many people forget to change the locks, but it is important to remember that many others may have that key. Get your Florida drivers license soon. Register to vote. From January to March, the year following your move, sign up at the County for Homestead Exemption.

Homestead Exemption, as long as Florida is your permanent address, exempts the first $25,000 of property taxes and can save a great deal of money for you. You need sign up only once for the exemption, it is automatically renewed every year and you will get a postcard notifying you that it has been renewed. Animals kept outside in Florida can suffer from fleas, ticks, mosquito bites, snake bites and yes, even alligator attacks. The heat and humidity in Florida can cause major skin irritations.

Keep your animals inside if possible; fenced in with sturdy shelter if not possible. Get your dog and cat tested for heartworm and put them on a preventative quickly, heartworm is prevalent in Florida. It is much cheaper to clean your carpets than take your pets to the vet because of these preventable problems.


Enjoy your new home, your neighbors, the beach, the sunrise, the sunset, the shopping, the wildlife, and the nightlife! And welcome!

Amanda Said:

Where are you at right now?

We Answered:

Im in my living room just answering on yahoo. (I reallyyyy need a life!!)

Duane Said:

I am from Canada and need to know how to find out if my vocational school is recognized in Florida. Help!?!?

We Answered:

Some schools may only be regionally accredited and some are nationally, but if you are planning on trying to continue your current vocational school training in Florida, the best way to find out is to contact the school, itself, and ask.

You might be able to find the information for the vocational school online by looking it up in your web browser under the city you are relocating to and looking up Vocational or Trade School for that area if you are unsure of the school's contact information.

Good Luck.

Shirley Said:

Where to look for scholarships?

We Answered:

First -- it's great that you filled out the FAFSA. Many colleges have institution-specific scholarships or grants that they can match you up with without any work on your part.

Next -- you can try sites like Fast Web or Scholarships. Beware of any scholarship site that requires you to pay for access to their database. If you are planning on attending in the upcoming Fall, you might have missed the majority of the deadlines.

If you can, speak with your high school guidance counselor. He or she may have a list of local scholarships like businesses, churches, and other organizations where you can try to apply.

Speak with your financial aid advisor. Tell them your situation. Some colleges do have work-study programs -- otherwise, your financial advisor can help you get it straightened out. Don't worry -- it doesn't mean that you won't be going to school!

Connie Said:

Is there any vocational schools in florida where students would fix my car?

We Answered:

There is PTEC Pinellas technical education, there is one in St Pete, as well as Clearwater.

Dale Said:

I am thinking about moving to Naples, Florida.I am interested in the colleges or vocational schools nearby????

We Answered:

Yeah there are quite few on the list.Here's what you can go to:
1.The Florida Gulf Coast University.
10501 Fgcu Blvd S, Fort Myers, FL - (239) 590-1000
2. Southwest Florida College.
1685 Medical Ln # 200, Fort Myers, FL - (239) 939-4766

Raul Said:

What is the local electrician union in tampa florida?

We Answered:

Let him know that Florida is a Right To Work state and the Union is not the same as it is up there.

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