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Vocational Schools In Michigan

Peter Said:

WHAT IS THE NEXT RIGHT THING TO DO ?i was going to a vocational school for welding i completed 3 semesters?

We Answered:

There may be another reason for the turnabout that has nothing to do with what seemed to be an innocent in-house conversation.

The school may have kept you in training as long as they could in order to get the maximum tuition payments, then dropped you from the program just prior to graduation. This practice unfortunately is common in vocational schools - perhaps they think you are too old or perhaps they just don't think you will be successful as a welder.

Either way, the sudden turnabout is totally suspicious and your next stop is the vocational education office for the State of Michigan that has been paying for your training.

Good luck, Bill

Freddie Said:

How can I find a place to hold a graduation ceremony in Michigan?

We Answered:

try this for venues:

you can probably find a link to an area near you. Best of luck.

Rose Said:

LPN Schools in Michigan?

We Answered:

You can find listing of US LPN schools in this site -
It also has info about each, tips to apply and which salary should you expect (to comparison)

Erik Said:

i am an adult student at a vocational school and i was wondering if i'm covered by the whistle blower law

We Answered:

are these snack machines? coke machines?

Jose Said:

My ultimate goal is to teach psychology or child development at a high school level, how do I get there?

We Answered:

State colleges in Michigan are wonderful. All will offer an educational degree. Take a visit to a college by you. Get a meeting with anyone in admissions. They will help you with explaining their majors there.

You can go to your library to check out different colleges. You need to decide if you want a small school or large. Private or State.
Get Kaplens Newsweek How to get into College 2009 magazine for lists of colleges and rankings.

Start by going to Michigan state school's web sites and looking through them. Request information be sent to you.
A state college within the state you live will offer the best tuition price.

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